Photogene- a great photo editor for your iPhone

I bought this App a few weeks ago and I love it!

TUAW has a great review and more info about the app, Photogene:

Photogene is kind of like a miniature Photoshop for the digital pictures you take on your iPhone.

It has a boatload of functions, which will let you fix and enhance your digital images without having to offload them to another image editor on a Mac or PC.

Here’s some of the functionality:

  • Enhance photos with color adjustment and sharpen tools
  • Crop and straighten photos
  • Add text balloons
  • Create a variety of frames
  • Adjust Histogram
  • Correct Gamma
  • Increase/decrease saturation
  • Adjust color temperature
  • Multiple undo and redo
  • (Read full article Photogene is a photo genius for your iPhone )


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