LoopRumors: Analyst: Apple tablet not more than $700.


Analyst: Apple tablet not more than $700.: “Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster does not believe claims that a high-end tablet with an OLED screen would be priced at $2,000, as suggested earlier this week.

Munster expects the device to retail for between $500 and $700, as he believes a price above $700 could significantly reduce potential sales.

‘As a point of perspective, iSuppli has reported the bill of materials on the iPhone 3GS is $179. Backing out the phone functionality, we believe the bill of materials is about $160. Assuming the tablet is 3x the size of the iPod touch implies a bill of materials for the tablet of around $480,’ Munster notes.

The analyst believes the tablet will be priced to compete with the growing netbook market.”

(Via LOOPRumors.)


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