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Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G

Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G


Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G:

1. Keychain/password storage – This is a must have feature and a large oversight. It can be addressed in a software update.

2. Cut and paste – Again, major oversight but addressable with software (soon?)

3. Haptic feedback – This would make the on-screen keyboard better for many people.

4. Flash – Desperately needed. I know that Apple is pushing H.264 but too much of the Web relies on Flash these days.

5. MMS – Don’t you hate getting picture messages from people that say, “view my message online” followed by a 10-digit password. I never go to them

6. Better camera – I know some people that won’t buy an iPhone because of its poor 2MP camera. C’mon Apple, even a 3MP would be better!

7. Video recording – If jailbreakers can do it, Apple can do it. Perhaps they’re leaving this up to the third parties?

8. Tethering/Modem – This kinda falls in the TBD column because I’m not sure, but something tells me that AppleTT won’t let us tether the iPhone to a MacBook and use it as a modem. Anyone know for sure?

9. More storage – Where is the 32GB option?

10.Forward text messages

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Want a iPhone 3G? You get a NEW two-year contract with At&t

iPhone 3G will require a new two-year contract on AT&T

An AT&T spokesperson just confirmed the following with Boing Boing Gadgets:

Current iPhone customers can upgrade to the 3G iPhone and pay $199 for the 8GB or $299 for the 16GB model. They will need a new two-year contract.

In addition:

Customers who purchased a 2.5G iPhone on or after May 27 and want to swap it out for a new iPhone will be able to do so without incurring an additional handset charge for the new device. (There will be a 10 percent re-stocking fee.) They will of course need to turn in their 2.5G iPhone.

(Via Boing Boing Gadgets.)

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10 Things About the 3G iPhone that rock!

10 Best Things About the New iPhone and iPhone 2.0 OS

Picture 2.png    1. Headphone jack. The new iPhone will have a flush headphone jack. This means you can plug in any standard headphone or speaker device without a $10 adapter. You know, the adapter you discover you left at home just after you get to the airport.

2. 3G. Well, this is a given. You should get twice the download speed on Web pages, videos and email.

3. GPS. Now you will really know where you are. But I can’t wait for the 3rd party apps that will be built around this. I’m sure it will rival expensive GPS devices in functionality before long. Geocaching may go mainstream.

4. Better battery life. I expected battery life to suffer with 3G, but it looks like we’ll have more battery life than every before.

5. Lots of countries: Friends in Canada and Australia will finally be able to get one, as well as lots of other countries.

6. A scientific calculator in iPhone 2.0, which means there will be no more reason to have a piece of hardware called a “scientific calculator.”

7. Lots of free iPhone apps. I predict that a majority of iPhone apps will be free, cool gizmos created by hobbyists. Something new to discover every week, most likely.

8. Bulk delete for email. Sounds silly, but this eats up a lot of my time.

9. MLB.com live game updates. This is one of the primary things I use my iPhone for right now, via Safari. A dedicated app would be great, as long as there isn’t a subscription fee attached.

10. The price. For $199, a lot of people will start coming over to the iPhone.

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iPhone 3G – No GPS, Same Old 2MP Camera

iPhone 3G: No GPS, Same Old 2MP Camera

D1FF09AE-2E3A-4DA8-A7A4-11D79D33FA8D.jpgThe next major revision of the iPhone, expected during this year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 9, could be a major disappointment for those who were expecting more than 3G connectivity on this new model.

Sources who can be trusted told MacScoop that the next iPhone will of course have 3G connectivity, but not much more, as it will lack built-in global positioning system (GPS) chip and include the same old 2Mpixel digital camera.

Unless there is a second super-secret higher-end model, the two probably most requested features made by current and potential iPhone customers won’t come as soon as expected.

During the past few weeks, at least half a dozen of reports on the Internet indicated that Apple was adding built-in GPS and more hardware improvements to the iPhone, in addition to the obvious 3G connectivity support.

Other sources told MacScoop that we shouldn’t expect miracles in terms of battery-life as 3G chips are still way more power-consuming than those supporting only EDGE. That would either mean that the forthcoming iPhone has become a bit thicker than the current version so as to include a physically bigger battery or that we shouldn’t expect significant improvements in that area.

However, it is also known that Apple has made major efforts so as to keep the power-consumption reasonable and that next version of the iPhone’s software will include the possibility to disable 3G connectivity so as to save battery-life when this feature isn’t used as it’s already the case with Wifi on the current model.

This new iPhone could include other improvements but our apparently well informed sources decided to not take risks and just tell us what it won’t have. For example, the also rumoured video-conferencing feature was neither confirmed or denied by our sources.

Those who would have found the GPS feature useful shouldn’t lose hope either, as Apple could provide support for external GPS modules as some hints at this possibility have been noticed in recent iPhone 2.0 software seeds sent to developers.

Since Apple announced the iPhone Software 2.0 along with the iPhone SDK in early March, we’ve learned about the software–related improvements to the current and the forthcoming iPhone. The biggest of them are the ability to download and install third-party applications and a set of enterprise features, including MS Exchange support.

Most recent iPhone SDK builds provided to developers also revealed a few other features like Chinese handwriting recognition, Safari picture saving, or photo geo-tagging.”

(Via macscoop .)

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3G iPhone Release – more speculation

3G iPhone Release To Come 10 Days After WWDC Keynote


New rumors are now floating around concerning the actual launch of the 3G iPhone. We all know that it is highly rumored, and highly probable that the 3G iPhone will be announced at the WWDC in San Fransisco on June 9th. For most, it was assumed that the phone would be available on the same day.

However, new rumors are surfacing that there could be a 10-day wait until the new iPhone is released to the public. This would make some sense… especially when you consider that AT&T wireless requested that employees avoid vacations after June 15th. With this rumored 10-day wait, that would give AT&T employees a few days to train and get up to speed on the new device. AT&T wireless is also planning on beginning extra summer hiring on June 16th.

iPhoneFreak has posted a timeline that makes a lot of sense:

  • June 9th – WWDC Keynote by Steve Jobs – Announces 3G iPhone and other Apple news
  • June 15th – Employees at AT&T advised not to miss work for a while (begin iPhone training)
  • June 16th – Temporary employees begin training for less complex crowd control (give the regular sales team a day’s head start
  • June 18th – Stores open their doors for a flood of multi-touching maniacs

Make of this what you will… bottom line is we will have the 3G iPhone in our mac-happy hands by mid to late June by these recent reports.

(Via Mactropolis.)

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3G iPhone revealed???? Probably not.

3G iPhone revealed in third-party case render?6C4B1866-319F-48AF-9466-3888D0732794.jpg


From Engadget :
“Look, we’re not saying this means anything, but the above rendering from iPhone case-maker XSKN sure does look like those supposed design changes we’ve been hearing about. You’ll note the larger, more curvy back, space opened up near the earpiece for the rumored front-facing camera, and what appears to be a non-recessed headphone jack. Sure, this could be a ploy to get eyes on their pages, but even if they’re citing the specs we’ve heard, this is still the first case design we’ve seen for anything other than the original iPhone.”

(Via Engadget.)

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Apple pushes for ringbacks, 3G music sales?

Apple pushes for ringbacks, 3G music sales?
iphone1-182x300.jpgApple hopes to make a major push into mobile music in time with the launch of the 3G iPhone, say sources speaking with the New York Times. In addition to expanding the number of songs that qualify as ringtones, the company allegedly hopes to introduce ringback tones that play in place of the typical dial tone. Apple also wants to overcome earlier limits and start selling iTunes songs over cellular networks rather than limiting access to Wi-Fi connections, according to cited music label officials.

Discussions began just a few weeks ago and may see any additions miss the expected introduction of the 3G iPhone, the sources add, but have Apple determined to make a “big launch” for these services in June.

However, the move may also force Apple to make concessions in music if it hopes to launch the service in time, the report cautions. Music labels in particular are pushing Apple to increase the amount of revenue earned per song past 70 cents for the right to download over cellular networks. These companies may also press Apple to change the rigidity of its pricing and boost pricing for new songs while dropping the prices for legacy titles.

Apple is described as unlikely to bend on per-track pricing on absolute terms but isn’t yet known to have made decisions regarding over-the-air prices. Ringbacks may nonetheless be a possibility, as the raw income per download is higher than for normal ringtones.

Universal Music is also reportedly continuing to press Apple to embrace its Total Music concept, which would involve paying a premium for devices in exchange for a subscription that provides unlimited but permanent music downloads over a set period. Apple is not averse to the concept but is reportedly unwilling to lift the price to what music labels would prefer customers pay.

(Via MacNN.)


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BlackBerry Bold beats iPhone to 3G

BlackBerry Bold beats iPhone to 3G
CEECE824-BA60-4555-85D9-B69FAD7EE785.jpgRIM launches a new model of BlackBerry complete with 3G, WiFi and GPS

Amid swirling rumors about the impending announcement of a 3G iPhone, Research in Motion today introduced its answer to Apple in the form of the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

(Via Macworld UK.)

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3G iPhone in 60 days???

Walt Mossberg says 3G iPhone in T minus 60 days…and counting

Along with a bunch of other very important information on why the US broadband industry is falling behind the rest of the world and why we aren’t “getting” IPTV, Walt Mossberg drops a little note that the 3G iPhone is coming “within 60 days”.

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(Via Seth Weintraub’s blog.)

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