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Apple will sell one million iPhones this weekend!

Analyst: Apple will sell one million iPhones this weekend

Can you say “ca-ching”? RBC analyst Mike Abramsky is predicting that Apple will sell over one million iPhone 3Gs this weekend. According to Silicon Alley Insider, the analyst says there’s “pent up demand,” the phones are $400 cheaper (at least in the U.S.), and instead of a single carrier and single country, Apple is now selling the iPhone via 28 carriers, in 22 countries.

Abramsky estimates that Apple’s initial iPhone 3G production is around 1.5 million units, “possibly insufficient for global channel fill.” Even if he’s correct and iPhone 3G sales are through the roof, many other potential buyers will wait for the holiday season before buying the device, according to an Information Week report.

While there’s little doubt that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will be in stores Friday to be among the first to own the device, these early adopters are not reflective of the overall attitude of mainstream consumers, so says a survey conducted this month by the Solutions Research Group, the article says.
“While there is no question there will be lots of people in stores on Friday, even Apple is not immune to the way people are feeling about the economy,” Laura Lee Gambee, an SRG spokeswoman, told Information Week in an e-mail.

The same survey showed that 66 percent of Americans are “really concerned” about rising gas and energy prices, and “in that light, perhaps it’s not surprising to see that most seem to want to wait and see till Xmas or later,” Gambee said.

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