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iPhone availability at the Apple Store-Check now


Apple Retail Store – iPhone availability at the Apple Store:

Are you still looking for a new iPhone 3GS? Apple is here to help you out!

“The Apple Retail Store likely has your iPhone 3GS in stock. You can check the most up-to-date availability right here. Shipments of iPhone 3GS arrive most days and availability is updated hourly. The 8GB iPhone 3G is currently available in all stores.

Select your state and then check the list to see which Apple Retail Stores currently stock iPhone 3GS.”

(Check HERE)


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1-Day Savings at the Apple Store

Picture 3.png

You only have ONE day, go get em’!!!

Check it out HERE

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Apple Store is down – Get ready to ship my NEW MacBook!

Picture 2.png

The Apple Store is down – They are getting ready to ship my NEW MacBook!

Come on Apple Store!!!

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Don’t have an iPhone 3G yet, check here for Apple store availability

CD908168-E46D-4F34-B4DD-7E37B6599D0C.jpgDon’t have an iPhone 3G yet, check here for Apple store availability.

A cool website that gives you the low down on iPhone 3G stock at all the US Apple stores. Click HERE!

Good Luck!

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Four new Apple stores opening soon!

C0B57ED3-D8F0-4A0F-B9EB-D285DF9334EE.jpgWhat does Liverpool England, Montreal Quebec, Glendale Arizona and Charleston South Carolina all have in common? Well if you read the title, you already know. They are all new Apple stores opening this weekend.

The Montreal Apple store will be Canada’s first true flagship store which includes a beautiful glass facade. Check it out at 1321 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Friday at 5PM.

The Glendale Arizona Store is located at 7700 West Arrowhead Towne Center
Glendale. Saturday July 26th 10AM.

The Charleston South Carolina Store is located at 301 King St. Charleston. Saturday July 26th 10AM.

Get there early and you could get a free t-shirt!

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China gets an Apple Store, Billions of people can’t wait to line up!

DA013264-0202-4BCC-A547-DDF8D1699EE9.jpgSaturday morning the first Apple store in China was opened to hundreds who lined up the night before to be the first customers in Beijing.

Of course with the Apple store just arriving in China many speculate the iphone is just around the corner, the same place many people will be waiting in another line for that day!

Apple Senior Vice President of Retail Ron Johnson mentioned that a second Beijing location will open in 2009 in Qianmen. He also said the company will open Apple Stores in “Shanghai and beyond,” but did not specify dates or locations.

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Still a HUGE line in NYC

Just flew in to New York city, the city so nice they named it twice (david letterman).
I figured the iPhone hype would have died down a tad but NO. At 4:45pm on Sat. July 12th this is what the line looked like…..massive. I am here a few days, I hope to get in the GD Cube and get my iPhone!

How was your iPhone quest, I would love to hear and share some stories!


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Apple Store Down…..hello iPhone


6:30am EST, Debating the whole iPhone frenzy…go stand in line, go back to bed? What are YOU going to do???

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Apple’s Latest Opens a Developers’ Playground

Apple’s Latest Opens a Developers’; PlaygroundWhen Apple opens its online App Store for iPhone software on Thursday, Steven P. Jobs will be making an attempt to dominate the next generation of computing as it moves toward Internet-connected mobile devices.

The App Store will let iPhone users download applications like games. One program offers baseball highlights.

Applications developed by Tapulous for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch:
Friend Book, a contact management tool
Tap Tap Revenge, an application that tests your rhythmic skills
Twinkle, an online chat tool
The store, which will offer more than 500 software applications, including games, educational programs, mobile commerce and business productivity tools, may be a far more important development than the iPhone 3G, which goes on sale at the same time. An abundance of software could make the iPhone’s operating system dominant among an abundance of competing phones.

“The reaction we have gotten so far has been really strong,” Mr. Jobs said in a telephone interview this week. “The quality and the sophistication of the applications you can write for the iPhone is in a different class.”

Mr. Jobs failed to make his personal computers dominant, in part because software developers did not write as many programs for Mac-based machines as they did for Microsoft Windows PCs. He did not make the same mistake when he developed the iPod music players. Apple’s iTunes stores, with easy and inexpensive downloads of music, gave the device an insurmountable lead, to date, over other players.

With the App Store, Apple simplified the process of adding software to the phone. Mr. Jobs contends that Apple does not plan to make much money on games and other applications; he has also said the company does not make much money selling music on iTunes. “We are not trying to be business partners,” Mr. Jobs said of the App Store. Instead, he said, the goal is to “sell more iPhones.” Apple gives developers a 70 percent cut of sales.

Read full story HERE

(Via NYT > Technology)

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Sydney Apple store opens

Sydney Apple store opens


Amid jubilant scenes, the Sydney Apple Store opened its doors Thursday night, bringing to 215 the number of Apple-owned retail stores worldwide. Customers waited in impressively long queues right around the block—some of them overnight—but in the end, it seemed, they were happy to be part of the experience.

Prior to the actual opening, staff could be seen inside clapping and cheering and taking part in what appeared to be motivational chants. Clearly the Store has been as eagerly anticipated by its employees as by its customers. An Apple spokesperson said that the company was looking for a particular personality type for its Store employees, and hired accordingly. So no, there was no Kool-Aid involved.

A few minutes before opening what appeared to be the majority of the store’s staff if not all of them ran around the block, getting the queue worked up about the impending opening. Not that that was necessary. By all reports the queue had been an all-night party for Mac fans.

High-fives and t-shirts for the first customers through.

When the doors did open at 5pm each of the first 2,500 people through the door was handed an exclusive t-shirt to commemorate the date the Store opened, and to prove they were there. In truth, not much reward for queueing overnight, but that wasn’t really the point. (When I left at 5:30 they had not yet run out of t-shirts and people who had been queueing only a short while were receiving them.)”

(Via macworld )

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