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New Gates and Seinfeld Commercial……ummm ok (video)

Picture 5.pngWhat do you think, is this selling software?????


Where’s that leather giraffe? What does that mean????

4.30 – long commercial


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Gates and Seinfailed!

This is the first spot in Microsofts new $300 million dollar “make windows cool” campaign. It takes more than just $ and Jerry Seinfeld to make a successful commercials Bill….sorry.

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Bill Gates bids farewell….C-YA!

Bill Gates bids a teary farewell to Microsoft

E9392BCC-273C-4144-84BA-6D2EE33CF3A2.jpgBill Gates said a teary goodbye on Friday to Microsoft Corp, the software maker he built into the world’s most valuable technology company based on the ambitious goal of placing a computer on every desk and in every home.

He leaves his full-time executive role at Microsoft, which he co-founded with childhood friend Paul Allen in 1975, to focus on his philanthropic organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest charity, funded in part by his vast fortune.

At an event at Microsoft’s headquarters campus here, Gates, who will become a non-executive chairman and work part-time, joined Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on stage to deliver a short speech and field questions from employees.

“There won’t be a day in my life that I’m not thinking about Microsoft and the great things that it’s doing and wanting to help,” said Gates, who wiped away tears as the group of employees rose to give him a standing ovation.

Ballmer, a Harvard University classmate who joined Microsoft at Gates’ behest, got choked up as he tried to describe Gates’ impact on the company and society at large.

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(Via Reuters)

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Is Microsoft Better Off Without Gates?

Is Microsoft Better Off Without Gates? – Forbes.com

Change is the only constant” is a favorite cliché among technology types. But for an industry that loves to talk about change, its leading lights don’t do too much of it, at least not when it comes to turning over control of their companies. Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Oracle are all run by the guys who founded them back in the 1970s and 1980s.

But soon those leaders will move on. First to go is Bill Gates, who on June 27 steps aside at Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT – news – people ). Next, I’d wager, will be Steve Jobs, for health reasons. Jobs, 53, underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2004 and lately has been looking frightfully gaunt. Apple (nasdaq: AAPL – news – people ) PR folks claim he’s fine. Problem is, Apple PR is known for having a Clintonesque relationship to the truth. If Jobs is still running Apple at year end, I’ll be shocked.

Also headed for the exits will be Larry Ellison at Oracle (nasdaq: ORCL – news – people ). Ellison claims to be 63 years old but is barely aging (I secretly believe he’s several hundred years old, and a vampire) and these days he seems more passionate about sailboat racing than about schlepping database software. My guess is Ellison will acquire software maker Salesforce.com (nyse: CRM – news – people ) and replace himself with its 43-year-old founder and chief executive Marc Benioff, a former marketing whiz at Oracle. “

(Read Full Article forbes )

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Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

With all the news about Bill Gates retiring and the new iPhone coming out I found it very interesting to watch this highlight video from last years D5.

It was May 30th 2007, a month before the original iPhone was released.

Watching the video I can’t tell if behind closed doors they are truly friends or really loathe one another. What do you think?

D5 page

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Rare Bill Gates Photos…

Rare Bill Gates Photos, Narrated by Bill Gates [Bill Gates]

Picture 1.pngFortune has a nice package for Bill Gates’ upcoming departure from Microsoft—the best is their exclusive gallery of 15 rare photos from throughout his life, narrated by Bill himself. I think my favorite pic is the leather biker jacket slung over his V-neck Cosby sweater at a Harley event—or the fist pump when he gets a Jeopardy question right at a company dinner—two sides of the same man, fiercely charitable and competitive. galleryPost (Yea, I want the new iPhone!); [Fortune]

(Via Gizmodo)

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April 4, 1975: Bill Gates, Paul Allen Form a Little Partnership

April 4, 1975: Bill Gates, Paul Allen Form a Little Partnership

Two pioneer geeks get in on the ground floor and make something big: Microsoft.


In other news…..Galactic Emperor, Darth Vader build a new, indestructible Death Star.

(Via Wired News.)

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Face it, Everyone loves Bill


After spending about half an hour a day on Facebook (in which Microsoft has invested), Bill Gates closes his Facebook account when his incoming number of friend requests overwhelmed him.Boo Hoo. 😦

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