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Safari goes to 4.0.2

Picture 2.pngSafari goes to 4.0.2

Get it now Via Software updates.


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Firefox 3.5


“The Fastest Firefox Yet – Firefox 3.5 is out and ready to download!

Things move quickly online, and we’ve beefed up the engine that runs Firefox to make sure you can keep up: Firefox 3.5 is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and ten times as fast as Firefox 2.* As a result, Web applications like email, photo sites and your favorite social networks will feel snappier and more responsive.”

(Get it HERE)

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There’s new browser in town and its name is Google Chrome

Picture 1.pngGoogle’s own Blog is reporting what the geek blogosphere has been buzzing about – Google Chrome!

“So why are we launching Google Chrome? Because we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.”

Awww, them googlers always have a great quote!

Get all the info HERE

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The most popular mobile browser in US – Safari

Safari: most popular mobile browser in USC9DA0DE3-4F87-4325-BFCF-3DD24B5B51CB.jpgStatCounter today revealed that Safari is the most popular web browser in use in the United States, surpassing Windows Mobile, Palm, and Opera by a wide margin. According to Yahoo, Safari occupies 0.23 percent of US web traffic, with Nokia devices coming in at around 0.08 percent.

(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network.)

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