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Blue Screen of Death during Olympics and more!

It happens all the time, the old Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), If you have ever worked on a windows computer (and really who hasn’t?) at some point you will run into the dreaded wall of Blue.

It usually happens at the worst possible moment, like during the Olympics opening ceremonies.

On my latest trip to New York City I witnessed two major problems on some pretty big screens.

I was in town for only three days and wasn’t really looking for windows errors, I just happened upon them.

The first was on the corner of Times Square. It looks like somebody needs a virus check up. I am not sure what was suppose to be displayed on their huge screen but I am almost positive it wasn’t this.


The next one was a nice restaurants menu on display.

I am not saying Macs don’t have problems as well, I just didn’t see any.


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