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The MobileMe changeover: Everything you need to know

The MobileMe changeover: Everything you need to know

Apple’s switch from .Mac to MobileMe and all its new features is fast approaching. Read up on what the new service brings, what you need to do to prepare, and a few of the catches and .Mac features that Apple will retire.

Now that we know exactly when Apple will take .Mac out behind the woodshed and flip the switch on MobileMe, it’s time to make sure we have packed our bags properly for the move. After all, you don’t want to show up in Apple’s green new pastures to find out that you forgot all your bookmarks or you can’t use your .Mac MobileMe account to chat anymore. We have rounded up everything you need to know, including a few overlooked gotchas, about switching from .Mac to MobileMe.

The basics
Let’s start by getting some of the rudimentary stuff out of the way. These things may seem obvious to some of you in the audience, but you don’t want to be “that guy” who forgot something that even grandma nailed without a hitch.

If you currently have a .Mac account and sync information periodically, it’s a good idea to sync all your Macs before Wednesday evening at 6pm PT. The MobileMe upgrade and account changeover should go smoothly, but considering .Mac’s sketchy reliability in the past, there’s no sense in inviting trouble.

A potentially significant catch that some .Mac customers will need to factor into their plans is that support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther will be joining .Mac behind the aforementioned woodshed. Once MobileMe takes the throne, only Mac OS X 10.4.11 and higher are supported, and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is, of course, “strongly recommended to allow you to take full advantage of all that MobileMe has to offer.”

Last on the list of basics for MobileMe is to make sure you have a copy of the latest shipping version of Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, the only three browsers that MobileMe officially supports. It’s reasonable to assume that other browsers based on WebKit and Gecko (OmniWeb, Camino, and Flock to name just a few) may work at least decently with MobileMe’s web services, but you’ll likely run into the CYA “this browser don’t play well with our toys” disclaimer.

Get all the Info HERE!

(Via Infinite Loop)

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Apple accidentally ships MobileMe to .Mac customers

Apple accidentally ships MobileMe to .Mac customers
Picture 1.png
Apple accidentally ships MobileMe to .Mac customers Apparently someone at Apple HQ got a little trigger happy on shipments of MobileMe. According to reports, the company mistakenly mailed boxes of the all-syncing, ever-loving software to at least a couple of current .Mac users ahead of schedule. When Apple was alerted to the gaffe, the user was told that a courier would be by to pick it up the next day. One question: why would you tell Apple?

(Via Engadget)

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July 6th – Bye Bye .Mac Bookmarks

.Mac Bookmark webaccess going away July 6th


The above message has been posted to the .Mac Tips website. As you can see .Mac members are being told to sync their .Mac bookmarks to a computer (Mac or PC) by July 6th because web access to bookmarks is no longer going to be supported in MobileMe (.Mac’s replacement). The July 6th date is actually a few days later than the one Apple first gave in this KB article (June 30th). It looks like Apple wants to give all .Mac members as much time as possible to get their bookmarks in order.

Does this mean we’ll see the official launch of MobileMe on the 6th? Probably not, since Apple has stated that MobileMe will be available on July 11, but then again Me.com email is already being properly routed so this might all be part of a soft launch (as they say in the biz).

(Via (TUAW))

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Sync .Mac Bookmarks with Safari before June 30, 2008…or loose them FOREVER!

Sync .Mac Bookmarks with Safari before June 30, 2008

Right from the horses (Apples) mouth!

Sync .Mac Bookmarks with Safari before June 30, 2008

As part of the transition from .Mac to MobileMe, Web access to .Mac Bookmarks ends on June 30, 2008 (06-30-2008). After this date, you will no longer be able to access or update your bookmarks at (www.mac.com).

To avoid losing any existing .Mac Bookmarks, sync them with Safari on your Mac before June 30, 2008.

Products Affected
.Mac, MobileMe

(Via apple )

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Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts? Good Question!

Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

Now that Apple has re-branded Mac.com to MobileMe (Me.com) would you prefer your email address to remain as @mac.com or become @me.com or even @mobileme.com? Apple mostly like horded a bunch of “.me” domains too, but they’re outside the scope of this post. Here’s hoping that Apple doesn’t change everyone’s Mac.com email addresses!

(Via The Apple Core)

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.Mac to MobileMe – transition INFO

.Mac to MobileMe transition FAQ

What is MobileMe?F29BA07E-432F-489F-B731-34968DEA8ECA.jpg
MobileMe is Apple’s new Internet service for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and PC that takes the best of .Mac and adds many new features. With MobileMe you will continue to get services that take advantage of Mac integration such as iDisk and photo sharing from iPhoto ’08. You also get a suite of new web applications at me.com; push email, push contacts, and push calendar; and 20GB of online storage.

For more information about MobileMe features, please visit this Mac Transition Overview and watch the MobileMe Guided Tour.

When will I be upgraded to MobileMe?
The transition will occur in early July when MobileMe becomes available. A change of service email will be sent to your mac.com address when the upgrade occurs.

What is going to happen to my .Mac subscription?
Your .Mac subscription will be automatically upgraded to MobileMe at no additional cost.

Will MobileMe work with my Mac the way .Mac does?
Yes. With MobileMe, you’ll continue to enjoy features that take advantage of seamless integration with Mac OS X and iLife, such as:

Back to My Mac
Access to your iDisk in the Finder
iWeb site publishing
Mac-to-Mac syncing of contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and more
Photo and movie sharing directly from iPhoto ’08 and iMovie ’08″

Lots of good info. – Get it all HERE

(Via Apple )

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.Mac is MOBILE ME!

.Mac Changes Revealed: MOBILE ME!


Phil Schiller came onstage today to tell us about Mobile Me. Exchange for the rest of us. We can all now get push email, calendars, and contacts. On a Mac, a PC, or an iPhone or iPod Touch. And it is called Mobile Me.

Mobile Me will work for Mobile Me. It works with Outlook and other native applications. But best of all, it is best used in a Web 2.0 application suite at me.com. According to Phil, it “feels like a desktop application.” it even includes drag and drop, live search (just like Spotlight,) iDisk functionality, and a basic photo editor integrated with web galleries. There will be direct access to Mail, and all other features currently in .Mac.

While the name and logo is horrendous, the service is amazing. But one question. How much does it cost? And when will it be available? It costs $99/year, just like .Mac. A free trial, just like .Mac. It completely replaces .Mac. And it looks really great.

(Via Appletell)

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.Mac mail slow, down, ready for a name change?

.Mac mail down, speculations abound

44CD6186-6B21-4E90-B3AF-F48AC72A98E6.jpgUpdates from TUAW :

If you’re a .Mac mail user, then you probably know that .Mac’s mail system has been down for almost 6 hours. According to the .Mac system status, 100% of users are experiencing the problems. Here’s what Apple says:

100% of members might experience slower than normal response when using IMAP mail. Mail can be sent and received using .Mac webmail. Normal service will be restored ASAP.

This comes after .Mac has been rumored to undergo re-branding around the time of WWDC (which is next Monday).

Update (8:38p EST): Apple just updated the system status to report that some may not be able to access the .Mac welcome page. Stay tuned to TUAW for updates on the .Mac outage.

Update (9:37p EST): Apple is telling users that they can access the .Mac mail by using the webmail system; however, most users cannot access the entire .Mac website. We’re currently experiencing a “504 Gateway Timeout” error when trying to load both the homepage and webmail. Looks as though the same services are down.

Update (10:40p EST): Some commenters are noting that they are now able to retrieve their .Mac mail. Apple has yet to update the .Mac system status.

(Via (TUAW).)

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A2FE5AA9-5E06-45BA-8174-8263D71C3A05.jpgIn addition to the mobileme.com as we reported on Friday, it looks like Apple is set to change the .Mac service to me.com as well.  MacRumors found some Apple names in the registration information of me.com which now point to snapsville.com – a social networking site.

Markmonitor is sure doing a poor job of hiding Apple’s domain ambitions.

As there is much code in the upcoming iPhone SDK linking to mobileme.com where .Mac used to exist, it is likely that the upgrade will be announced at WWDC with direct tie-ins with the new iPhone and iPhone software.

Why change from .Mac to me.com?  Very likely so that the service can become  Cross-platform

We’ll see next week!

(Via 9 to 5 Mac.)

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.Mac by any other name…..

Mac name change confirmed?


Earlier reports of .Mac receiving a major makeover appear to be all but confirmed, as developers and enthusiasts find proof of a .Mac name change to Mobile Me. The Coding Robots blog reveals that the new iPhone SDK also contains information specific to the .Mac restructuring. Deep in the SDK, in a file entitled “Main.strings”, a definition at the beginning of the file states “MOBILE_ME_SERVICE_NAME”, while a PNG graphic file called “mobileMeAlbum.png” sits within the PrivateFrameworks directory.
An individual identified as Jamie Marshall also found that Mobileme.com is currently parked by MarkMonitor.com, the domain registration service that Apple uses for its URLs, including Apple.com”

Read full Article HERE

(Via macnn .)

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