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UV Monitor, you know for the sun!

UV Monitor Warns Before You RoastB4DD15AD-78DA-4658-B8A0-8872799446D3.jpg

If you’re not already on the beach, you might get there soon and most likely you will sunbathe happily under a roasting sun. To enjoy a sunny day without harming yourself, the UV Monitor can remind you when it’s time to go back to the shadow. Enter the SPF of the sunscreen that you are using and your skin type. From there, the device will monitor the UV levels and warn you when you should cover up.

Product page & user manual

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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800,000 product manuals online

SafeManuals – 800,000 product manuals online for your happiness


SafeManuals. A heap of downloadable PDF manuals for gadgets, electronic products and assorted appliances. If you can’t find something, perhaps you can upload a manual yourself and help the database grow. Pretty cool stuff.

Internet is filled with information, scattered in no particular order. SafeManuals tries to partially solve this problem by allowing everyone to find user manuals from all manufacturers in one place. They are not always available on the manufacturer site, and some of them only offer manuals for their current line of product. This website was created to offer Internet users this information, and is also a window to the professional world for its creators.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal.)


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Sharp’s 108-inch LCD on Sale! cha-ching!

Sharp Puts Its 108-inch LCD on Sale

The world’s largest LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor can now be yours — if you have a deep wallet.

Sharp has begun offering a monitor based on the 108-inch LCD panel that it first unveiled over a year ago. The panel, which is the largest yet to be shown by any LCD maker, was first unveiled in January 2007 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and promised for later in the year but was delayed.

Now it’s available to customers worldwide, built-to-order, for ¥11 million (US$102,000).

The Full HD (1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels) monitor comes with a wide array of input sockets. There’s analog RGB and DVI computer inputs, 3 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs, two composite video inputs, two sets of component video inputs and one S-Video input. The entire set weighs an impressive 195 kilograms and consumes 1.1 kilowatts (kW) when in use.

Measuring 2.2 meters by 2.5 meters, the display panel is the largest currently possible from Sharp’s most advanced production line in Kameyama, Japan. As such potential buyers shouldn’t have to worry too much about bigger, better and presumably even more expensive LCD monitors coming from Sharp anytime soon.

The first place to get the monitor is the new Shinjuku Piccadilly cinema complex, which opens on July 19 in Tokyo. The monitor will be installed in the lobby of the cinema and used to display trailers for upcoming movies, according to Sharp.”

(Via pcworld .)

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CableBox organizes all your power cords !



CableBox: a cleverly designed container that organizes the loose and tangled power cords found behind the TV, next to the computer and underneath one’s desk. The Bluelounge CableBox eliminates the nagging issues that result from “cable clutter”, including dust accumulation, unsightliness and fire risk. The CableBox, offered in white or black, retails for $29.95 USD and is available for purchase through bluelounge

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Perfect gift for Dad! Find Your Remote With A Whistle

Find Your Remote With A Whistle


Somebody needs to do a study on television remotes. Somehow, remotes have the ability to lose themselves, and if we could figure out how they do it, teleportation would be just a step away. Alas, I fear that science is not yet ready to understand how remotes get to where they get to, so we have no alternative but to keep on searching for them, which is where the Remote Control Finder comes in. Stick one of these things onto your remote, and whenever you can’t find it, just whistle, and it’ll start flashing and beeping.

There’s a catch, of course… You have to use a special whistle. A very small special whistle. An eminently losable special whistle. So I guess you’ll have to stick one of the finder things on it so that you can figure out where it is. But wait, you say, I need a special whistle to find the special whistle! Of course you do. That’s why you buy two of them, and just use one to find the other. OR, here’s another solution: duct tape your remote control to your dog… Then, not only will you not need the stupid special whistle, but the remote will actually come to you. Assuming your dog doesn’t have better things to do, anyway.

(Via OhGizmo!.)

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Cool it! USB Desk Fan

USB Desk Fan: Love It or Leave It?

D60087BC-A4C0-4991-B8F4-AFBF097B029F.jpgUrban Outfitters has really been satisfying my vintage needs lately, but with shiny newness intact. First there was that old-timey USB Webcam, and now this mod-ish USB Desk Fan!

It’s only $15 bucks and unlike that webcam, works for both Macs and PCs.

Since this is basically a miniature-sized version of a fan that I have in my house, I have no qualms about its design and think it’s a bit more attractive than the other USB fans.

(Via geeksugar.)

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Cupholder Auto Power Inverter – Handy!

Targus Cupholder Style Auto Power Inverter


Get some juice while on the go with the Targus 100W Cupholder Style Auto Power Inverter ($50). It features one 120V AC plug and can deliver 100W of continuous and…
Visit Uncrate for the full post.

(Via Uncrate.)

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Kindle Price Reduced – $359

Amazon Kindle Price Reduced to $359, Now Back In Stock [Kindle]

D616B07A-4A3D-43B4-BB52-372B1BB90416.jpgThe Kindle is back in stock and it’s now available for a reduced price, dropping from $399 to $359. Maybe that will help Amazon to achieve those crazy $750 million in sales by 2010. Amazon

(Via Gizmodo.)

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DirecTV Sat-Go – Portable satellite TV system

DirecTV Sat-Go – world’s first portable satellite TV system


Well judging by the happy smiles on these campers, this new DirecTV Sat-Go portable satellite television system is jolly awesome. We’re talking integral antenna, receiver and television screen all crammed into one itsy, bitsy box. All you need is a tailgate and a small pile of $999.00 worth of green stuff.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal.)

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So simple yet so effective..keep cables out of your way

Wire Button keeps pesky tangle of cables out of your way


Those iPod wires never seem to be the right length, getting in the way and cramping your style. Until we can do away with wires altogether, this Wire Button is a design concept that would be a welcome mediator to that spaghetti-bowl of cables cluttering up your torso.

Designer Jaehyung Hong put together this subtle, inconspicuous attachment that buttons down that wire, keeping it out of your way. If you wear shirts with buttons, this could be one of those little things that could ever-so-slightly improve your quality of life.

Via Yanko Design


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