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Geek Speak – What is SMS?


You see it all the time but what does it stand for and what does it mean? Thanks to webopedia, now you know:

“What is SMS – Short Message Service?

Abbreviated as SMS, the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. Messages must be no longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters and contain no images or graphics.
Once a message is sent, it is received by a Short Message Service Center (SMSC), which must then get it to the appropriate mobile device.

To do this, the SMSC sends a SMS Request to the home location register (HLR) to find the roaming customer. Once the HLR receives the request, it will respond to the SMSC with the subscriber’s status: 1) inactive or active 2) where subscriber is roaming.

If the response is “inactive”, then the SMSC will hold onto the message for a period of time. When the subscriber accesses his device, the HLR sends a SMS Notification to the SMSC, and the SMSC will attempt delivery.

The SMSC transfers the message in a Short Message Delivery Point to Point format to the serving system. The system pages the device, and if it responds, the message gets delivered.

The SMSC receives verification that the message was received by the end user, then categorizes the message as “sent” and will not attempt to send again.”


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Geek Speak – What is SEO?


I keep seeing this over and over again and FINALLY I said to myself, I do talk to myself too often, What is SEO? So thanks to webopedia, I found out.


“Short for search engine optimization, the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user. It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site.
SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.”

(Via webopedia )

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Geek Speak, What is PNG?

What is PNG?

“Short for Portable Network Graphics, and pronounced ping, a new bit-mapped graphics format similar to GIF. In fact, PNG was approved as a standard by the World Wide Web consortium to replace GIF because GIF uses a patented data compression algorithm called LZW. In contrast, PNG is completely patent- and license-free.”

(Via webopedia )

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Geek Speak “OEM” what does it mean?

Picture 8.png

You see it all the time on software, what the heck does it mean?
Well thanks to Webopedia you FINALLY get the answer!:

“(pronounced as separate letters) Short for original equipment manufacturer, which is a misleading term for a company that has a special relationship with computer producers. OEMs are manufacturers who resell another company’s product under their own name and branding. While an OEM is similar to a VAR (value-added reseller), it refers specifically to the act of a company rebranding a product to its own name and offering its own warranty, support and licensing of the product. The term is really a misnomer because OEMs are not the original manufacturers; they are the customizers.”

(Via webopedia )


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Geek Speak “HDMI” what is it?

Now days you wouldn’t buy any video device without it – HDMI – but what does it stand for:

Short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, it is the first industry-supported uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. It’s a single cable and user-friendly connector that replaces the maze of cabling behind the home entertainment center. HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable.

Not enough? Are you a “true” geek and you need more….
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