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Japan will(not) be buying the iPhone 3G?!?!? huh?

Who knows what the Japanese will do????
June18th 2008, this Article appeared on TechOn:

Survey: 91% of Japanese Will Not Buy ‘iPhone’
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July 9th 2008, this Article appeared on Bloomberg:

IPhone Fans in Tokyo Queue to Buy Handset 3 Days Before Sale
(Is this the 9% lining up?)

Hiroyuki Sano is so keen to own Apple Inc.’s new iPhone he started queuing outside Softbank Corp.’s main store in Tokyo three days early. He’s not alone.

About a dozen likeminded fans turned up around the same time yesterday, according to Sano, a 24-year old computer science student. He won the right to be the first person in Japan to buy the handset on July 11 after beating them in a game of rock- paper-scissors, he said.

“I’ve been looking forward to this since the first iPhone came out in the U.S.” in June 2007, Sano said in an interview today. He traveled 350 kilometers from Nagoya, in central Japan, to queue for the handset. “The first thing I’ll do is try the GPS function and Google Maps.”

About 20 people equipped with folding chairs and snacks were lined up in front of Softbank’s Omotesando store in downtown Tokyo, as of noon today.

Softbank, Japan’s third-largest mobile-phone carrier, will sell the iPhone 3G in the country from 7 a.m. on July 11 for as low as 23,040 yen ($215). Apple will introduce the handset, which works on faster third-generation wireless networks, in 22 countries on that date.

The touch-screen device combines an e-mail-equipped handset with the iPod media player and allows users to download new software from Apple and third parties. Unlike most phones in Japan, the iPhone 3G lacks a removable battery and cannot receive digital television broadcasts or act as an electronic wallet.

“The handset’s biggest strength is in its software, so people who only look at hardware and functions are missing the point,” said Ryo Shimizu, explaining professional interest prompted him to get in line yesterday with three employees.

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