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Logitech’s cool keyboard – now for the Mac!

Picture 14.png
Logitech’s cool keyboard now for the Mac!

The Logitech® diNovo Edge™, Mac® Edition is the newest addition to Logitech’s line of award-winning diNovo keyboards and the first diNovo keyboard specially designed for the Mac.
Pricing and Availability
The Logitech diNovo Edge, Mac Edition cordless keyboard is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning this month. The suggested retail price in the U.S. is $159.99.”

I think this would look pretty sweet on my desk!

Press Release HERE


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Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard – huh? (TIP)

Find The Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard

A Great TIP

I was hunting around the various menu’s of Terminal a bit earlier today. I was a bit bored and I had a look it see what they could offer. Anyway I came across the following shortcut in the View menu and I was a bit perplexed at what key it could be. I tried both up and right at the same time, but nothing did seem to work.

Diagonal key shortcut

In the words of Homer Simpson:

“To start, press the diagonal key.” Where’s the “Diagonal” key?! I see “Kuh-tor-ull”, “Esc”, and “Pig-Up”, but I don’t see the “Diagonal” key! Woah, all this computer hacking is making me thirsty, I think I’ll order a tab… (Presses tab key) Ooh, too late for that now, the computer’s starting!

Anyway there is a solution to find any keyshort cut on your computer. It is to use the keyboard viewer. To access the keyboard viewer open System Preferences > International > Input Menu. At the top of the list select Keyboard Viewer a new icon should appear in your menu bar on the right hand side. Click on this and selection Show Keyboard Viewer.

The keyboard viewer will show you every single key and key modifier you have available to you. At this point to find the key you want you have to go through the modifiers. Alt, Command, Control and Function. Every time you press theses and a combination of these a different symbol will appear on your viewer. After a little bit of trial and error you can find the key you want.

To answer the original question in the title. The diagonal key is both the function and the left or right arrow. The up and down arrows are used to move up or down a whole page.

The diagonal keys in the keyboard viewer.

A simple little step using the keyboard viewer would have saved me about 10 minutes of frustration and Google searching.

Find The Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard

(Via Mac Tricks And Tips)

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Keyboard Skins! Very Helpful!

Keyboard Skins for Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, and more at The Photojojo Store
Coolcustom-fitted color-coded keyboard skins! A GEEK must have!

Models available for notebook computers and desktop keyboards.
Molded exactly to fit your keyboard like a glove.
Quick to remove and reapply as often as you wish.
Keeps your keyboard clean and clear of debris.
Made from beautiful, flexible, washable rubber, color-coded by function.
The fastest way to learn all those keyboard shortcuts you keep meaning to memorize.

$30 for Laptops
$40 for desktops

(Get them HERE —> photojojo

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Cool Kensington Keyboard Has USB/Mini USB Ports..

Kensington Ci70 Keyboard Has USB/Mini USB Ports and Laptop-Styled Keys [Peripherals]


We love Kensington’s low-profile keyboards with the laptop style keys, which is why this Ci70 keyboard looks so appetizing. It’s got two USB ports, nothing special, but a mini USB connector that actually hides underneath a cover on top. So to recap, two USB ports, one mini USB cord, really low/quiet style Kensington keys, 35% smaller than other “standard multimedia keyboards” and a price of $49.99. Works with both PCs and Macs thanks to it having both a Windows key and a Mac Command key. [Kensington]

galleryPost(‘kensingtonci70’, 3, ”);

(Via Gizmodo.)

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Optimus Maximus ships!


The day you’ve been waiting so very, very, very long for has finally arrived: Optimus Maximus keyboards have begun shipping out to their new homes. In addition to the pricey, OLED-studded ‘boards, the Optimus Configurator software utility is also available, allowing you to customize your new purchase to your heart’s content. In other news, Art Lebedev says that he’s planning a new project which will make you salivate uncontrollably for five years straight, and end with you taking out a second mortgage on your home to purchase it.

(Via Engadget.)

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MacBook, MB Pro keyboard firmware fix!

MacBook, MB Pro keyboard firmware fix unveiledApple today unveiled a firmware fix for MacBook and MacBook Pro owners, remedying some long-standing keyboard issues. The update says it addresses a problem where the computer would ignore the first key pressed after a period of inactivity, also addressing “some other issues”, according to the supplied literature. Some users were having similar issues.


(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network.)

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