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Lego of my speakers!

Lego speakers are the most fun way to play your music around

A69F7008-618E-4E06-8019-FAC4AAC51ABF.jpgIf you’re looking to be able to play your music for your friends from your iPhone or iPod and are also looking to have a way to build a sweet castle out of Legos, there’s really only one product to fill your needs: the Looks Like Lego iPod speakers.

These diminutive little speakers plug into the bottom dock connector of your portable audio player and pump out whatever music you’re listening to. In addition, it’s shaped like a little Lego brick, meaning you can probably build a little structure on top of it if you want. I mean, yes, that would most likely block the audio coming out and defeat the purpose of the whole thing, but come on! Legos!

(Via DVICE.)


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