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FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter from Sonnet


When the new Macbooks came out a lot of people were not happy about the lack of a Firewire 400 port, well here’s a great solution for around 15 bucks!

“Sonnet – FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter “Use your existing FireWire 400 cables with this FireWire adapter from Sonnet to connect FireWire 400 devices to a FireWire 800 port, without going through the trouble of purchasing yet another cable. Just plug it in between a FireWire 800 port and a standard FireWire 400 cable’s 6-pin male connector (the other end of the FW400 cable plugs into your FireWire device). It can’t get any simpler.”

(Check it out HERE)


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Virgin shuns Apple!

Virgin shuns Apple
F9701119-DD88-42BF-A219-DEC34C5D6F0A.jpgVirgin Atlantic air travellers who opt to use an Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air are being left out when it comes to working in the sky Pocket-lint has learnt.

Although the airline advertises that its customers can power their laptop in the air, Richard Branson’s fleet has yet to get around to updating the power options for Apple laptop customers.

The news means thousands of MacBook and MacBook Pro travellers are being left out in the cold unable to work longer than their battery dictates.

The airline offers business travellers a power cable and tip for laptops with a large majority of PC laptops covered, however when it comes to Apple, only older PowerBook users can benefit.

Apple changed its power cable in 2007 with the introduction of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The power cable tip features a magnet it in so it holds onto the laptop, while at the same time not damaging it if it’s pulled on.”

(Via pocket-lint.co.uk.)

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Solar Powered iPods, iPhones and Laptops?

Solar LCD Powered iPods, iPhones and Laptops?
7FC87875-F3FB-4EB1-917C-40C64158F5CE.jpgA recently published patent application discovered by MacRumors reveals that Apple is investigating the use of solar power in versions of their mobile devices — both handheld devices and portable computers. Integrating solar power into a mobile device holds the enormous potential of extending battery life significantly. However, successfully integrating solar panels into these small devices is not without its challenges.

The major issues described are the limited area available to solar panels, durability, and the “wasting” of space on a portable device. It is due to these problems that solar power has not found its way into mobile devices, not just from Apple, but from all manufacturers.

The most interesting technique described by Apple, however, is the integration of the solar panels behind the actual LCD screen of a portable device. The solar panel would absorb ambient light that passes through the LCD screen of the device. This could eliminate any additional footprint typically required by the solar panels. If successfully implemented, Apple’s iPhone, iPod and laptops, could require no outward changes in design to add solar power.

Apple’s not the only one exploring this technology as an old (2001) Motorola patent describes the same technique. While several limitations to the technique were described at that time, the issues may have been better addressed in recent years.

(Via MacRumors.)

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Laptop Cooler for Mac

Moshi Zefyr Laptop Cooler for Macs


The Moshi Zefyr Laptop CoolerF16348C1-DB70-4E42-8C81-D84A9D1A38AC.jpg is different from the rest as this one caters for MacBooks as well as the MacBook Air specifically. The company has taken the pains to study just which are the exact parts where Apple laptops dissipate heat, placing high-thermal conduction compounds in those areas in order to pull heat away effectively from the hot zone onto the Zefyr’s aluminum heat sink, with a USB-powered fan helping it cool down. Some of the features include :-

  • 100% cast aluminum heat sink assembly
  • Collapsible design for enhanced portability
  • Conductive heat dissipation through compressive TIC cooling pad
  • Slightly elevated angle for better ergonomics

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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MacBook sales up .2%; – PCs down 9% : JPMorgan

JPMorgan: MacBook sales up .2%; other PCs down 9%

Without budging from his “neutral” rating on Apple, JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz issued a cautiously optimistic report on the company Thursday based on stronger-than-expected MacBook sales in the quarter that ended in March.

Moskowitz is looking for Apple (AAPL) to report that it shipped 2.11 million Macs in the company’s second quarter (up from his earlier estimate of 1.97 million).

Computer sales usually fall after the Christmas quarter; instead, he expects Mac sales to rise a hair — .2 percent — quarter-to-quarter, which is why he is raising his estimates. Apple’s increased sales come against a backdrop of unit sales falling 9 percent sequentially in the broader PC market, according to Moskowitz.

But the analyst sees “soft patches” in the rest of Apple’s businesses. In particular, he has trimmed his quarterly iPhone and iPod sales estimates, respectively, to 1.5 million and 9.68 million (down from 1.62 million and 10.1 million). “Seasonality is having an impact,” he writes. “Also, there could be some slowing in the iPhone ahead of the 3G launch.”

The bigger story, he says, is the timing of the 3G iPhone launch: “As long as there is nothing to suggest that a summer launch of the 3G phone is not a possibility, we would expect investors to look past any near-term disappointment in iPhones.”

Bottom line: He is raising his second-quarter estimates. Revenue: $6.76 billion. Earnings per share: $1.09. The Street is looking for $6.95 billion and $1.06, respectively.

Apple will report its quarterly earnings on April 23.

(Via FORTUNE: Apple 2.0.)

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Thinner 3G iPhones, All Aluminum Macbooks – Lots o’ Rumors

Apple Rumors this Week: Thinner 3G iPhones, All Aluminum Macbooks [Apple]

3390B80B-9458-4836-AD71-D21C8F9ACE02.jpgA few rumors for WWDC have cropped up this week, with nothing but faith to back em up. Most of the facts are obvious progressions and externalizations of the fanboy-tasies, or things known before, but here are some particulars I thought worth passing on:
TG Daily reports that the 3G iPhone will be in 8, 16 and 32GB flavors from $399-$599 in cost, with a 2.5mm slimmer profile, a tuned accelerometer, but a similar UI.
Apple Insider claims that the standard Macbook is losing the plastic shell and going all aluminum, like the current Macbook Pros. I’d dropped Kasper a line and although his story is vague, he linked his sources with other previous claims that came true, so I’ll buy it.

(Via Gizmodo.)

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Aluminum Apple MacBooks?!?

Apple to release aluminum MacBook laptops

2522A369-75E0-468D-AF23-C2B2975F6ED9.jpg Apple’s laptop line has been due for a design change for quite some time; not counting the MacBook Air which is an entirely new product.  The MacBook and MacBook Pro are due for moderate, if not groundbreaking changes.

The most significant changes will be coming to the MacBook, according to AppleInsider.  It will be getting either an aluminum or stainless steel case makeover which would bring its design more in-line with the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro is also set for a design change and will look more similar to the MacBook Air, although, there’s no way Apple can make it nearly as thin.  It may get a black backlit keyboard and will have design similarities with the aluminum iBooks as well as the MacBook Air.

All this is to give the Mac product lines a more uniform appearance and will allow Apple to reuse more components on more of its products.

Apple is also said to be preparing the MacBook and MacBook Pros to make use of Intels new “Montevina” platform which will offer processors in speeds ranging from 2.26GHz to 2.8GHz and requires a new logic-board with a “Socket B” processor slot.

If you haven’t purchased that MacBook or MacBook Pro yet, hold off, it will be outdated come the end of the year.  On the other hand, if you don’t mind having an “outdated” model, discounts are already being offered.

(Via MAC.BLORGE.com.)

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Major Design Changes are coming for Apple Notebooks?!?

Apple Notebooks to See Major Design Changes?

8D90B3AC-5953-44FB-81DA-FA7ECEC3017E.jpgAppleinsider claims that the current MacBook and MacBook Pro designs will be retired and are expected to see “major design changes” in their next revision.

The consumer MacBook line is expected to transition from plastic enclosures to aluminum and stainless steel, which are reportedly more “eco-friendly”.

The MacBook Pro will share a similar design transition to bring it in line with existing iMac and MacBook Air designs.

(Via MacRumors.)

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