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Rock Band gets Beatles!


According to WSJ.com the Beatles are NOT coming to iTunes but are on the way to Rock Band…sorry Steve.

“The Beatles have licensed songs to MTV Networks’ Rock Band videogame series, according to several people familiar with the matter, a coup for the Viacom Inc. unit in its battle with rival Activision Blizzard Inc. for supremacy in the world of rock-and-roll videogames.

MTV Networks’ Rock Band videogame series is to include songs from the Beatles. From left, the members of the British rock group: John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.
The deal, which is set to be announced on Thursday by Viacom’s MTV and the band’s own Apple Corps Ltd., makes the Beatles the next and biggest major band to license its songs to a music-oriented videogame, joining Aerosmith, Metallica, AC/DC and others.”

Read Full article HERE


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Remember Music Videos? MTV has got them ALL on-line!!!!

Picture 1.png

WOW…TONS and tons of Music videos!

Check them out HERE

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Walmart gets tough – .74 MP3s and with Mac support


It seems music is just getting cheaper and cheaper, now at 74 cents!

Electronista is reporting:

Walmart today made an aggressive move against Amazon and Apple by lowering the prices of its MP3 Music Downloads store. The service now offers per-track downloads as low as 74 cents versus the 89-cent minimum of Amazon MP3 and iTunes’ fixed 99-cent price. Normal tracks are 94 cents, Wal-Mart says.”

(Read Full article HERE)

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Free music from Wilco if you VOTE!

Picture 6.png

To encourage people to get out and vote, the band Wilco is giving away a free download. A version of “I Shall Be Released” by Wilco w/Fleet Foxes recorded live in Bend, OR this past August.

To get the download just pledge to vote in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Get your FREE song HERE!

This is the most IMPORTANT election of our time, I too encourage everyone in the US and of legal age to GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

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YouTube helps viewers purchase music from iTunes and Amazon

Picture 7.png

YouTube added a few new handy buttons below videos that contain music.

Picture 6.png

That way if you are digging on the tune, you can instantly go to iTunes or Amazon.com to download it.

According to Googleblog:

“When you view a YouTube video with a great soundtrack, you often see comments from YouTube users asking about the name of the song and where they can download it. Or when users watch the trailer for an upcoming video game, they want to know when it will be released and where they can buy it.”

Now, how can I get back those numerous minutes of searching!

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Is that the Best Buy? Best Buy acquires Napster for $121 million

Engadget is reporting that Napster will try again to be an mp3 force in the internets world buy selling itself to best buy.

“Announced this morning, the retail giant has agreed to buy Napster Inc. for a staggering $121 million, $67 million of which will be cold, hard cash. The deal is set to close in Q4 of this year, and it will include Napster’s “700,000 digital entertainment subscribers, web-based customer-service platform and mobile capabilities.” According to Best Buy president Brian Dunn, it intends to use “Napster’s capabilities and digital subscriber base to reach new customers with an enhanced experience for exploring and selecting music and other digital entertainment products over an increasing array of devices.”

Will this be this months iTunes killer….my guess is no

(Via Engadget)

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.41 savings with Amazon MP3

I purchased the Coldplay album X & Y a few tears back from iTunes. This was back in the O L D days when DRM reigned supreme over ALL the iTunes downloads. But as we all know SOME record companies said, “to hell with DRM” and iTunes Plus was born. Sure it was a few pennies more but hey, NO DRM!

Today I see on Amazon.com’s MP3 Downloads I can get the WHOLE X & Y album (I still like to call it that) for the low, low price of $1.99. That includes all 13 songs in MP3 format!

Picture 2.png

I can Upgrade my already purchased album through iTunes for $2.40…….To go with Amazon I save 41 cents.

Picture 1.png


I just got the album from Amazon!

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s MP3’s and iTunes Plus????

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Cold Play Releases new Album Today!

Picture 2.png

Check it out HERE!

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The Filter Launches, With A Message From Peter Gabriel

The Filter Launches, With A Message From Peter Gabriel

The Filter, the media recommendation engine that we covered last April, has opened its doors to the public. DA08570D-E0F4-4C61-92B0-26410806F599.jpgThe Peter Gabriel-backed company offers an entertainment start page that provides recommendations on movies, music, and online video (it is mostly focused on perfecting its music recommendations for the time being).

In the following video Peter Gabriel explains why we need sites like The Filter to reduce the overwhelming abundance of information available online down to a manageable level.

(Via TechCrunch.)

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FREE! Coldplay music give-away!!! Act FAST!

Coldplay music give-away

51BEE527-D011-47A1-B635-F40D51C8C36E.jpgColdplay give away new song, but only for a week, as report claims Nokia music initiative could be expensive

From today at 12.15pm, Coldplay will begin offering their latest single `Violet Hill’ as a free download from the band’s website.

(Via Macworld UK.)

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