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Beijing 2008 Olympics Closing Ceremony (video)

867CFB23-3F49-43D8-8233-C584E2D00681.jpg See the Video HERE

or on NBC HERE


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Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics (photos)

beijingolympics.gifSee photos HERE and HERE and HERE

As it unfolded HERE

I can’t wait to see it on the Telly!

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Blue Screen of Death during Olympics and more!

It happens all the time, the old Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), If you have ever worked on a windows computer (and really who hasn’t?) at some point you will run into the dreaded wall of Blue.

It usually happens at the worst possible moment, like during the Olympics opening ceremonies.

On my latest trip to New York City I witnessed two major problems on some pretty big screens.

I was in town for only three days and wasn’t really looking for windows errors, I just happened upon them.

The first was on the corner of Times Square. It looks like somebody needs a virus check up. I am not sure what was suppose to be displayed on their huge screen but I am almost positive it wasn’t this.


The next one was a nice restaurants menu on display.

I am not saying Macs don’t have problems as well, I just didn’t see any.

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Phelps Does it – 8 for 8 – HISTORY!

2CF1F412-79E9-40AD-B87D-31F2C9AA92FC.jpgThere were plenty of people who doubted it but Michael Phelps is Super Human and he is an olympic Legend! Congratulations!!!!!

See it HERE!

Great pics and video HERE!

Phelps’ website Here

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1/100th of a second – Phelps wins 7th Gold

images-1.jpeg1/100th of a second, unbelievable! Phelps is amazing!

See Frame by Frame finish HERE

See it HERE!

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Phelps wins sixth gold medal!

images.jpegSetting another world record in the 200m IM, Michael Phelps won his sixth gold medal of the Beijing Games on Friday, tying his Athens mark and closing in on Mark Spitz’s record.

See video here


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Olympic app for your iPhone/iPod Touch – Lenovo (video)

Picture 1.png
A FREE app from Lenovo for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Olympic news, pics and blogs. (I wish it had more interviews and pics)

It’s not the Greatest app in the world but it is FREE!

If you are a huge Olympic Fan, go get it HERE!

There are a few different Olympic apps ranging from .99-$1.99 – Check them out HERE

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Five for Phelps!

199006_m07.jpgMichael Phelps helped the U.S. 4x200m freestyle relay team to the Gold, becoming the winningest athlete in Olympic history, now with 11 gold medals and counting…

The U.S. men didn’t just set the world record, they destroyed it. Their 6:58.56 was 4.68 seconds faster than the previous record. Another gold medal for Phelps and the US swim team!!!

Phelps is now five-for-five in Beijing, with a world record in every final.

See the Race HERE

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Not everyone can enjoy the Olympic games on their computer!

I have been enjoying all the great video coverage of the Beijing Olympics Via my Computer (MacPro) provided by NBC. But as you may have already figured out, not everyone or should I say, not every computer can play back the videos.
Picture 2.png
I have an old 12″ PowerPC G4 that is not able to view the spectacular offerings from NBC. I am waiting to upgrade my laptop. I will be searching for alternative sites, so if anyone finds some great video online that doesn’t require any speaial specs, please let me(the world) know.


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Phelps gets Gold Number 3! (video link)


M. Phelps
M. Phelps

Michael Phelps takes gold and breaks his own world record in the 400m!!!

Phelps is on track for the perfect Olympic dream, 8 gold medals! GO Michael!

Check out the race HERE

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