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Smilebox – Photo-Sharing for the Mac

Photo sharing service launches Smilebox for the Mac

D83C79B6-5574-4882-81FC-CCF05A9473CB.jpgSmilebox, Inc., a leader in photo-sharing technology, has launched Smilebox for Mac giving Mac customers an easy and compelling way to share their photos and videos. Mac users can extend their iPhoto and iTunes experience by mixing their photos, videos and music with hundreds of interactive Smilebox designs, including scrapbooks, greetings, slideshows, photobooks and postcards. Smilebox also provides Mac customers with new ways to share their media: they can share creations via email, post to a blog, website or social network, or print, all in a matter of minutes.

“We look forward to welcoming the Mac community to Smilebox. It is a natural extension of the Macintosh application experience, and it will provide Mac users with a whole new way to connect and communicate,” said Andrew Wright, founder and CEO of Smilebox, Inc. “Smilebox for Mac truly extends what Mac users can do with iPhoto and iTunes, making it easy for them to combine their photos, videos and music and share them in creative new ways.”

Previously only available for Mac recipient viewing, the application marks the first time Mac users can install the free service and make their own Smilebox creations. It is available for free download at www.smilebox.com.

The Smilebox catalog features more than 700 designs for every occasion from leading providers such as Hallmark, Making Memories, Madison Park Greetings, K & Company, as well as the Smilebox Studio design team. Consumers can create and share any design in a free or premium format. Premium formats, which can be purchased a la carte ($1.99 to $3.99) or as a monthly ($4.99) or annual ($39.99) subscription, include extended music options, ad-free recipient playbacks and print capabilities.

(Via Appletell)

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Store everything on-line with SmugVault!

SmugMug has always allowed everyone to upload an unlimited number of web-displayable files – JPEG, GIF, PNG, and MP4 – but to date we haven’t been able to accept the RAW files generated by modern digital cameras. For years our customers have been asking, begging, and pleading for us to let them upload their priceless archives. I’m happy to announce that day has come!

SmugVault is a new SmugMug product that lets you upload all the RAW, PSD, BMP, and TIFF files you’d like. And not just those – we’ll accept XMP sidecars, PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, video archives, and anything else you might want to store with your photos. What’s more, we’ll bundle your files together for easy, intuitive browsing and safe retrieval.

Thanks to an innovative new product from Amazon Web Services, DevPay, you only pay pennies per GB for the storage you actually use each month. There’s no huge fee with a maximum storage amount – it’s truly unlimited and pay-by-the-drink. Store one megabyte or one billion megabytes – we don’t care. Whatever works best for your workflow and archival needs, SmugVault can handle it.

Check it out HERE

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