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Beatles Coming to iTunes…..


MacRumors is reporting….The Beatles Coming to iTunes Renewed Yet Again – Mac Rumors “A recent report that Apple has scheduled a music-focused media event for September 9th has once again sparked speculation that The Beatles may finally be coming to iTunes. The speculation is primarily driven by the scheduling of several other Beatles-related events on the same day.”

(Read Full Article from macrumors HERE)


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Rumor: Steve Jobs’ Health Declining Rapidly


I believe Steve Jobs is one of the greatest people of this century!

I HATE to read about rumors of his health. But like millions of others, I am concerned and worried.

According to Gizmodo:

“Steves health is rapidly declining. Apple is choosing to remove the hype factor strategically vs letting the hype destroy apple when the inevitable news comes later this spring.

This strategic loss will be less of a bang with investors. This is why Macworld is a no-go anymore. No more Steve means no more hype. Saying they are no longer needing [Macworld] is the cover designed by the worldwide ‘loyalty’ department.”

(Read full article HERE)

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Rumor Du Jour – Mac Mini Coming to Macworld 09


Is Apple getting rid of the Mac Mini? Isn’t the new design coming soon? Will it have a Blu-Ray player to compete with the Netflix box?

There is no shortage of speculation around the next move for Apple and the Mac Mini, so I present to you the “Rumor Du Jour” – Mac Mini Coming to Macworld 09. Wired is Reporting:

“An upgrade to the Mac Mini is long overdue: The product hasn’t seen a refresh since August 2007, and Apple computers normally have a life cycle of roughly six months. This long period of silence led many to speculate that Apple was going to drop the Mac Mini from its product line. However, Apple has shown no signs of discontinuing the product. It’s also noteworthy that although Apple has been quiet about Mac Mini sales numbers, the diminutive desktop appears to be selling quite well. For example, the Mac Mini has been among the top 5 of Amazon’s best selling desktops; it currently stands at No. 3.”

(Read Full article HERE)

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Rumor ALERT! It’s A Nano iPhone!


It’s A Nano iPhone!

A holiday rumor for you…
iDealsChina is reporting:

“No more speculating, the new iPhone is a Nano Phone ! We just got these images of a silicone case design by www.XSKN.com for the new Nano iPhone. This case is in production. We are not sure when they will release it on their site. The XSKN designs will give you an idea of the shape and size of the new Nano iPhone. We understand that a number of company are producing cases as of last week. If you remember, before iPhone 3G was released a number of companies including Griffin had advanced information of the size and shape of iPhone 3G. We understand that once one company starts making a mold their information is passed onto other mold companies or accessory companies through a China underground network”

I believe a nano iPhone would be great but I would definitely NOT get this ugly case for it!

(Read ALL about it.. idealschina )

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New MacBooks Oct. 14th 2008


Waiting for a new MacBook? Daringfireball is reporting:

“Those of you holding out for a new lineup of MacBooks will have to wait until October 14, according to sources who, as they say, are familiar with Apple’s hardware plans.”

I hope so, I need a new MacBook about 3 months ago……..

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New MacBook Air on the way?!?

F39DEEFE-A250-4D07-AFB6-2A4037B0D638.jpgApple is getting ready to unleash a NEW, revised MacBook Air into the world…soon. No exact dates yet.

The rumor is the design of the MacBook Air will remain untouched but as my Grandmother always told me, “It’s what’s inside that counts”. So this bad boy will come with a standard Penryn-class Core 2 Duo plus a higher-capacity battery.

The SSD prices will go down and hopefully the Hard-Drive will be increased to 120 -160 GB.

The MacBook Air will still come with No firewire ports, optical drive or removable battery but all that doesn’t seem to have hurt sales of this popular lightweight laptop!

( Source )

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New MacBook Rumor: Glass trackpad?

8D90B3AC-5953-44FB-81DA-FA7ECEC3017E.jpgSeth Weintraub is reporting some interesting rumors about the NEW MacBook and MacBook Pros which are due out the last weeks of Sept. (keep in mind this is a rumor)

Insiders are saying the new ones will be thinner, more rounded and the track pad will be made of glass, what? Glass. Body constructed from one piece of eco-friendly aluminum.

Very interesting news, as I have stated numerous times before – I need a new Laptop! Come on Apple release something.

(Get all the info HERE)

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MacBook Touch – Coming Soon???

iphone-shortage.jpgThe buzz is in the air about an upcoming release of a MacBook Touch! So the screen of the MacBook will be like the iPhone but with more multi-touch features! It will include all the goodies – SuperDrive, GPS, Accelerometer – App store compatible and will run regular mac ones as well! Should be out around October, that is if this whole rumor is true!

During the Financial Results Conference Call, July 21, 2008 – Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer was quoted saying “We are working to develop new products that contains technologies that our competition will not be able to match. I cannot discuss these new products, but we are very confident in our product pipeline.”

Very interesting…..
I hope so, this sounds like the perfect laptop for me!

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iPhone’s New Touchscreen???

Is This the New iPhone’s Touchscreen? | iLounge BackstageApple almost never confirms its component suppliers, and for various reasons, the suppliers only rarely confirm that they’re working with Apple. That’s the only major reason that we’d normally be skeptical about what’s shown below: the first pictures and diagrams of a touchscreen display that a Taiwanese company claims is being used in an upcoming iPhone. It’s a 2.8” display—shown here alongside a newer 3.2” version—two sizes that would enable Apple to start shrinking both iPhones and touchscreen iPods from the current 3.5” screen size found in its first-generation models.


The developer of these displays, Host Optical, has shown what it describes as a “projected capacitance touch panel,” complete with a collection of characteristics that it suggests are superior to the ones being used in the original iPhone. According to the company, the displays have “no significant” aging effect—they don’t get progressively less sensitive over time—and are claimed to be more durable than alternatives, waterproof, plus resistant to high humidities and temperatures. Since one of the major concerns over current-generation iPhones is the continued touch sensitivity of their screens, Host’s version could be a nice step up.

(Read full Article and see all the Pics ilounge )

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Mac OS X 10.6 to debut at WWDC 08?

Rumor: Mac OS X 10.6 to debut at WWDC 08?
TUAW has received some information that suggests Apple may be working to seed developers with an early build of Mac OS X 10.6 at this year’s WWDC. 10.6 will not include any new significant features from 10.5; instead, Apple is focusing solely on “stability and security.”

We have also learned that OS X 10.6 may go gold master by December 2008 in an effort to start shipping it in January ’09 at Macworld Expo. Mac OS X 10.6 will be a milestone release for Apple, as it will leave the PowerPC behind: a fully 64-bit clean, Intel-only Mac OS X.

This information makes us wonder about universal applications — how much longer will they exist? With Apple leaving pre-Intel Macs behind before the end of the decade, this could mark the end of the Intel transition, as Apple (and presumably many third-party developers) will be focusing only on the newer Mac architecture.

Of course, this leaves open a critical question — what will this new OS version be codenamed? We’ve got our hunches, but we can’t leave you out of the guessing game.

(Via (TUAW))

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