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Mac Mini – Say goodbye to my little friend….

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Gizmodo is reporting that the Mac mini might be on it’s way out!:

“The Mac mini may be pronounced dead as soon as today’s Apple earnings conference call, as two major retailers in Europe have confirmed to me that they can’t order any more of the little computers. While this could signal an updated model coming in, they have been told by Apple to expect no more of it. Their impression is that—once again—the Mac Mini may be dead dead DEAD for real, even while you can still order it at the Apple Store.”

So long little guy…..sniff sniff….

(Via gizmodo )


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Glass Trackpad that clicks! New MacBook Info!


Happy MacBook Tuesday! The rumors are getting hotter!
Mac Rumors is reporting:
“The new trackpad is similar to the Air’s, in that it is bigger and supports additional multi-touch gestures. But unlike the Air’s, the MacBook Pro’s new trackpad is made of glass, and is a button itself. You just press and it clicks.”

And many more interesting goodies, go check it out before they become true for false.

(Read about all the new stuff HERE)

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MacBook Blu-Ray Rumor compliments of Kevin Rose


Edibleapple is reporting that Kevin Rose has been making more predictions. This time it is about the new MacBooks containing a Blu-Ray drive.
Sounds good but I have heard this rumor a few times before and it never panned out.

” Kevin Rose enlightened us with yet another juicy rumor.  He claimed that the new and yet to be announced MacBooks will support Blu-Ray drives. Rose, however, did qualify his prediction by saying that his source for the Blue-Ray rumor was not nearly as good as his source for the iPod nano and iTunes updates.

On Tuesday, all our questions will be answered: $800 MacBooks? Blu-Ray? One piece of aluminum construction? we’ll see…..

(Read full article HERE)

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$800 laptop from Apple?


The inquisitr is reporting that Apple is ready to depoly a $800 Laptop due to the poor economic situation (thanks for caring, now build some factories in the US)

“According to the source, Apple retail stores have been given price sheets that list 12 price points for the new range, with prices between $800-$3100. Current lines only have 8 price points, 3 Macbooks starting at $1099, 3 Macbook Pros and 2 Macbook Airs. According to the source, retail outlets usually get the price lists 10 days before products hit the market. Technical specs for the new laptops were not included on the price she”

I think it is great to have an $800 Laptop available, now I can get one for my Niece.
(if she is good)

(Read the full article HERE)

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‘Brick’ MacBook Pic?


Engadget got a hold of a new “leaked” picture of the new MacBook Pros, or did they?

“It’s hard to tell exactly what we’re looking at here, but damned if this doesn’t look like some fancy new MacBook Pro carved out of a single piece of metal. “

All I know is – I NEED a new MacBook…..Where are they???

(Get all the info HERE)

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‘Brick’ – A Mac Mini? Tablet? MacBook? A friend of mortar?

5608D142-B22E-4C55-BBB3-01D757CAAAB9.jpgBuzz around the geek blogosphere is all about what is going to be revealed by Apple in Oct. (if anything) Rumors are flying, as they always do, and the latest is code named “brick”.

iphonesavior is reporting:

“Sources have indicated Apple’s “one more thing”, code named ‘Brick’ rumored to be announced around October 14th along with a MacBook refresh, will actually be a re-design of the Mac Mini super-sized to reveal a Mac Mini Pro of sorts. A wild idea that sounds like a stretch of the imagination from sources that we were unable to confirm as completely reliable.”

As always it is a wait and see and blog rumors and wait and blog more rumors and then finally see and blog about it!

(Read the full Article HERE)

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New MacBooks?


Craziness around the geek blogosphere since some pics were found on a German site that is stating this is the new MacBook.

Personally I have been patiently waiting for the new MacBook’s so this would be great news, if true. My gut is telling me I will have to wait until the other rumored announcement coming Oct. 14th.

What do you think?

See for yourself HERE – (it will help if you can read German)

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New Nano pics?

Gizmodo has some leaked pics of the new Nano……keep in mind it’s all rumors until later today.



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Predictions for 9.9.08 Apple event from Mr. Rose

Straight from Kevin Rose blogg:

Predictions for tomorrow’s Apple event

It’s been a couple weeks, so I thought I’d do a little roundup of my predictions/rumors:

– New design for the iPod Nano

– iPod price reductions

– 2.1 software on iPod Touch

– iTunes 8.0

  – New audio visualization

  – Genius playlist

  – Genius sidebar

  – Grid view

And lastly, if I had to guess, I’d say iTunes 8.0 looks a little something like this:


Let’s see how close he is…..tomorrow all will be revealed!

Via kevinrose

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September 9th – Apple’s Special Event? – Mark you calendar?


Kevin Rose is stirring up a huge “geek” whirlwind surrounding his latest video post about Apple’s new iPod nano, iTunes 8 and its new music subscription service.
On the TWIT, This Week in Tech podcast, he chatted about his video and gave more info about the upcoming special event.

This is a lot of news for one guy to unveil. Does he have the connections? In my opinion, he has a reputation to protect and can’t afford to be wrong.
I guess we will sit back, cross our fingers and wait until 9.9.08.

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