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diggogle? Google acquiring Digg?

1A37C9CE-CFB4-458E-88C3-9C95DDF5FC62.jpgAccording to techcrunch Google is on the hunt for Digg once again and are close to a deal. If it goes through Digg will be under the Google News property (whatever that means).

Are you sitting down? Are you ready for the money part? $200 Million – says one source (Kevin’s Mom perhaps?)

The Digg CEO, Jay Adelson, denies that the negotiations are going on and may be holding out for more C A S H ! (I added that part).

I just hope those two drunk guys on the couch continue to show the world you CAN drink on the job and still rake in the Benjamins!



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Netflix May Team Up with Microsoft?? What, what, what!

Netflix May Team Up with Microsoft


The E3 rumors continue flooding in with certain tidbits grabbing the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike, the latest includes a possible pact between Netflix and Microsoft to distribute movies via the XBox 360. The gaming console can currently download some movies that go directly through the unit in HD, but they remain limited and pay-per-download. And we all know, pay-per-download should be exclusively limited to porn.

(Via Truemors)

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Aluminum MacBook Pro Case Photo Leaked from Chinese website?

Leaked Aluminum MacBook Pro Case Photo?
AF72EF9C-39E0-4ED6-9190-8BEBFB64D609.jpgA blog entry (in Chinese) claims to have a photograph of prototype case housings of the upcoming redesigned MacBook Pro. The photo depicts what appear to be top and bottom housings of a Mac laptop sitting on a box. The housing resembles the current design of the MacBook Air but with a few notable differences. The logo in the prototype casing, for example, is no longer backlit. The screw configuration of the bottom case also does not match the current Air design, eliminating the possibility that this is just a photo of the Air’s casing. There also appears to be no explanation for the additional circular indentations in the Apple logo, but could presumably be an artifact of being prototype casing. They do claim the battery would be more rectangular than square (not pictured) and the keyboard would be the same as the MacBook Air.

Apple has been rumored to be working on new aluminum MacBook Pro designs that will adopt features of the current iMac and MacBook Air.

While the photo is consistent with rumors, we are always reluctant to believe that anonymously leaked photos are legitimate. More often then not, they turn out to be fake fan-created images, though there have been some legitimate leaks from Chinese sources.

(Via MacRumors)

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Apple mouse to become extinct?

Apple mouse to become extinct?
Picture 1.png
You’re probably using a mouse today, but you may never buy one again. All the planets are aligning against this humble pointing device,” Mike Elgan writes for Datamation.

“The computer mouse has long been associated with the PC, but in fact it was invented during the Kennedy administration (in 1963) by Silicon Valley engineers Douglas Engelbart and Bill English,” Elgan writes.

“The mouse was nothing but a lab rat until the Xerox Star shipped in 1981. Though it was the first time anyone could buy a mouse, few did. The Star was overpriced ($16,000) and poorly marketed. The IBM PC came out that year, too — without a mouse. But when the Apple Macintosh hit in January of 1984, the mouse went mainstream and has been with us ever since,” Elgan writes.

Elgan continues, “Now, Gartner analyst Steve Prentice says the mouse’s dominance as the leading pointing devices may be over within 2 to 4 years. And I tend to agree. Several recent developments are slowly changing — or threaten to change — our mouse habit.”

1. Apple’s giant trackpad with multi-touch
2. Gaming pointing devices
3. “Brain-reading” devices
4. Apple iPhone and the “iPhone Killers”

Elgan writes, “I’m confident that Apple will take advantage of its many patents for ‘multi-touch’ systems and ship an iPhone-like version of Mac OS within the next year or two… So take the time to savor every point and every click. It won’t last. The mouse is as good as dead.

(Via MacDailyNews)

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iPhone software 2.0 – GM ships Friday

iPhone software 2.0 – GM ships Friday

iPhone users, rejoice – Apple’s on the edge of shipping iPhone Software 2.0, meaning the upgrade looks set to reach your mobile this month.

Cupertino “sources” report that it’s “highly probable” the iPhone 2.0 Gold Master will ship this Friday, two weeks before  the iPhone 3G ships and just close enough to the end of June to keep Apple’s promise to ship the software this month.

Gizmodo observes the latest software build offers two code-signing and encryption features which haven’t been seen before.

“Meanwhile, the iPhone Dev Team has confirmed they are working hard cracking the latest build, getting ready for the pwnage of the final release,” the report adds.

(Via 9 to 5 Mac)

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Here we go again and again – Microsoft/Yahoo in Talks

Microsoft/Yahoo full buyout talks on again?
Conflicting reports have surfaced today of Microsoft potentially renewing its interest in a Yahoo deal. Information sent from “multiple” sources to TechCrunch claim that the two firms have not only resumed talks after Yahoo’s abrupt conclusion of negotiations but that Yahoo is willing to entertain a bid lower than the $33 Microsoft says it proposed immediately before talks first broke down in early May. The move is said to be triggered both by a steep drop in Yahoo’s share price as well as pressure to secure an important agreement with Microsoft.
The search engine pioneer is also in upheaval after several key executives left the company within the past several days, including the founders of Flickr and Del.icio.us. A threat of a proxy takeover of Yahoo’s board by investor Carl Icahn has been minimized at the same time, however, as Microsoft’s statements that it has no more interest in a full deal have reportedly quashed Icahn’s plans.

TV network CNBC, however, has responded to the claims by citing a contact said to be close to Microsoft who rejects notions of a full deal.

“There is no deal for the whole company, and nothing has changed as of today,” says the unnamed insider, though the contact doesn’t mention the possibility of a revived partial deal that would include buying out Yahoo’s search ad division.

Neither Microsoft nor Yahoo has publicly commented on either of the rumors.

(Via MacNN)

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More New Macbook and Macbook Pro rumors…

The latest 9.08 MacBook News HERE  


Macbook and Macbook Pro Design Overhaul rumors re-surface. New Keyboard 100%.


We have received some new information regarding Apple’s Macbook and Macbook Pro models, which have been long overdue for a design overhaul. Although the current case design is nearly flawless on both, rumors have continued to circulate about complete case refreshes for both machines.

We have spoken with a connected source close to us, and they tell us that the Macbook Pro will,

“100% have a Macbook Air-like keyboard. Feeling more like the Macbook’s current keyboard, yet offering backlight.” We asked about the track-pad but they shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. Almost indicating that the current track-pad might be sufficient in Apple’s opinion. We also asked if they could confirm a launch date, to no avail. We think it would only make sense for the Macbook Pro to inherit the Air’s track-pad. And based on Apple’s past history, the end-of-the-summer (right before school starts) launch date seems pretty accurate.

“With all Apple notebook systems due to ship with multi-touch enabled trackpads following this summer’s MacBook and MacBook Pro design overhauls, Apple is putting the finishing touches on a complete multi-touch framework that will ship as part of Snow Leopard.”

“Apple Inc.’s existing MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks will be the last of their breed, as both product families are destined for major design changes upon their next refresh.” Additionally, Apple Insider continues to explain that the Macbook Pro will “borrow several design cues from the aluminum iMacs and Macbook Air.”

Hopefully Apple is finally getting rid of the hatch closure on the Macbook Pro to fit it with the same magnetic closures that Macbook sports.

An infusion of some of the Macbook Air’s amazing features and design elements into the Macbook or Macbook Pro (hopefully both) will be very welcomed by the industry. We’re very confident in this rumor being true, yet there’s definitely a chance it remains what it is… a rumor.


(Via MacBlogz)

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Exclusive leaked pics of the iPhone 2!?!

Breaking: Exclusive leaked pics of the iPhone 2! Thinner design? Different colors? Video chatting?

Crunchgear provides some more pics and speculation…In my opinion – I don’t think Apple would use that goofy ass looking guy (no offense Carlos) to promote their new holy grail phone!

It wasn’t long ago that my inbox was full of screen caps from an image editing program of a new iPod, it was a fat yet small iPod that we now know as the 3rd gen Nano. We posted the photos and were later told by Apple’s legal team to take them down.


A similar tipster tonight has very generously given us these pics of the iPhone 2, or iPhone 3G as some are calling it. Like the Fat Nano from last summer, the images come from Apple or AT&T promotional material that shows not just the new iPhone, but also gives away a couple secrets.


It’s thinner than the current model, for sure, with a more MacBook Air-like bezeling. It’s got stereo speakers on the back and what appears to be the same screen as the current generation. But the real news here isn’t the Exchange support, but the front facing camera for iChat AV.


Oh yes, it’s there. Not only is the new iPhone smaller and more capable, but it also comes in red as part of the Product (Red) campaign, like many iPods do.

(Via crunchgear )

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All The 3G iPhone Rumours! as of 6-6-08

3G iPhone Rumour Roundup

3G iPhone Rumour Roundup

A compilation of the most likely webular gossip

You may have noticed a few rumours flying about the Internet recently concerning the 3G iPhone. And by ‘a few’, we mean millions. In fact, the last time we saw such a randy bandwagon attitude, the Circle Line got closed.

In our efforts to pick the truth out of this mess, like sweetcorn from poo, we bring you the 3G iPhone rumour round-up. Which will prove true and which false come Monday? Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets…

Rumour 1: Apple makes order of 10 million 3G handsets to be made. OLED Screen included?
That’s the word on the Google Street anyway, with Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney reporting Apple demanded the making of the machines according to sources he’s “become aware of in Asia.”
Dulaney also claimed that the handset would use an OLED screen, a solution to the power-hungry 3G chip.

Rumour 2: It’ll have a front mounted camera
It makes a lot of sense for a front-cam, what with 3G allowing for video calls with both other iPhoners and computer-based iChat users.
With the technology fitting into Apple’s values of stylish communication, we can’t see how it’s not a possibility.
We can all imagine an Apple advert with its whimsical guitar strains, showing how easy it is to use iChat to talk to your contact Chloe face-to-face about the new Macy Gray album you bought the other day, or your favourite Starbucks blend, can’t we?

Rumour 3: It’ll cost £100
Now this is more like it. The kind of iPhone rumour we want to hear, this one promises (okay, claims) to save us a shed-load of cash.
Reports from the Times online suggest that the 3G iPhone will go on sale in the UK for an entirely affordable 100 English pounds. Mounting a sales boosting strategy after the slow uptake of the first gen iPhone, Apple has apparently brokered new deals with operators by ditching its fixed price exclusive partner business plan and letting operators subsidise the cost of the handset to boost chances of meeting its 10million iPhone sales target for 2008.

Rumour 4: It’ll come in rainbow colours
The story goes that the next-gen blower will come in three colours – red, white and black. A series of ads popped up online a couple of weeks back at iPhonehellas.gr highlighting the phone’s svelte colourfulness, though judging by some of the tag lines (“Extremely slim”, “Make your choice” and “Three colours. Three ways of life”), it’s more likely knocked out by a student who knows a lot about Photoshop and not much about advertising. The red one of the three looks pretty tasty, but we’re not holding our breath. That’s dangerous.

Rumour 5: It’ll be quicker than broadband
Australian website ChannelNews is claiming a senior executive at operator Telstra blabbed: “We know what is coming we have seen the new device and it will be available on our network as soon as it is launched in the USA.
“By Xmas this phone will be capable of 42mb/s which will make it faster than a lot of broadband offerings and the fastest phone on any network in the world.” Pretty damned sweet, we think you’ll agree.

Rumour 6: It’ll look different
Pictures leaked a short while ago look suspiciously similar to the touted 3G design changes we’ve been hearing so very much about.
Key design changes include a larger, more curved back, more room around the earpiece that’s roughly big enough to house, say, a front facing camera for video calls (see above), and what is being described as a “non-recessed” headphone jack.
Real or not, this is the most convincing image we’ve yet seen to tally with the speculated features of the fast approaching 3G Jesus phone.

Rumour 7: More new looks?
Will the 3G version be “radically different” to the 2G? According to a gaggle of particularly probing online sleuths, it could well be a clamshell design to allow for a bigger-than-the-current 3.5-inch screen or alternatively a slider model sporting a full QWERTY keyboard.
An Asian analyst was quoted as expecting to see “multiple versions” to cater to customers who want a music and video device, those who want pure communication (hence the slider and keyboard) and those after a laptop substitute (hence the clamshell and bigger screen). The line between Macbook and iPhone is blurring…

Rumour 8: It’ll have GPS
3G allows for a much wider array of applications, and one hotly tipped for iPhone 2 is GPS, with proper satnav built in. This would no doubt boost the blower’s target audience (to taxi drivers), and if battery life is improved we could all be but a short way from Steve Jobs enthusiastically barking directions during long drives. You’ll probably always end up at the Apple store, though.

Rumour 9: It won’t be 3G at all
If Apple pulls the rug from under us and releases an iPhone 2.0 that isn’t 3G, then all this hype will have been for nothing. We bet Apple fanboys would still buy it in their droves, though. Us? We’d probably go on a murderous rampage.
So, what do you reckon Jobs will reveal Monday? A 3G rainbow-hued iPhone with GPS, fully compatible with iTunes UK movie and game downloads, and tea making abilities? Or a new tab design for Safari?

(Via t3.com.)

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More iPhone Speculation….

We’re Certain About 3G, Now Lets Speculate Features!

5545D1D2-5E6D-43D6-90F6-8BD474261766.jpgOkay, its official. 3G iPhone rumors have become a little too much. Asking “Will a 3G iPhone be released at WWDC?” is up there with the likes of “Does a bear use the restroom in the woods?” and “Is the Pope Catholic?” In other words, yes. It will be there. I am willing to bet my first-born son on that (though you may be waiting a good 10 to 15 years for a payout should I be mistaken, but, as you may see above, I’m pretty darn sure I’m not). 

Now that I have stated how certain I am of 3G at WWDC, let’s start a new discussion. Other than the look and feel of the new iPhone, what will be changed in iPhone OS 2.0? Read on to hear my take on the subject.

  1. iChat – This is one of the most disappointing app lacks from iPhone 1.0. Currently, you cannot enable any kind of AIM client without first Jailbreaking your iPhone—an act that voids your warranty and makes Steve mad. As you may know, it can get you banned for life from Apple stores. There will be some serious booage from the WWDC crowd should Apple not bring this one home.
  2. Video Conferencing – A less anticipated feature than iChat, but important nonetheless. Many 3G iPhone rumors have speculated that there will be a a camera not only on the backside, but on the front, as well. This could add an interesting aspect to an already loved product. It’s hard to tell whether this possible feature would appeal more to the intrepid on-the-go business man or the kid-at-heart (or just the kid) who wants to share LOLCats pictures with their friends.
  3. Blogging App – Another possible great app for the iPhone. I think this app would be good if there was a partnership between Apple and one of the major blog hosts, such as Blogsmith or Blogger.
  4. Digital Video Capabilities – Another missed feature in iPhone 1.0. I think an app like this would be well received. Almost all cameraphones, and not just the smartphones, have this capability. Come on, Steve. You guys are supposed to outperform destroy the competition.

Just imagine collective ”Huh?” at WWDC if Steve made the special point of saying no 3G iPhone. Now that would be a disappointment of Vista proportions.

(Via Appletell.)

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