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Rumor Roundup for Macworld


Macrumors have put together a great list of “possible” announcements for MacWorld 09 –

“The biggest news about Macworld came early when Apple announced that Steve Jobs would not be delivering the 2009 keynote address nor will Apple be participating in future Macworld events.

Some items include:
New iMac and Mac Mini – NVIDIA Based
17″ MacBook Pro – Fixed Battery
iLife ’09. iWork ’09 – The Cloud
Snow Leopard
iPhone and iPhone Nano
Cinema Displays / Mac Pros / Home Media Server / Tablet or PDA

It should be another exciting days for Apple Fans!”

(Read the full list HERE)


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New Mac mini?


The new Mac mini? Macenstein has a pic from someone named anonymous.

(Via macenstein )

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Pictures of Apple’s new MacBook?!?

Extra, extra, get you MacBook rumors hot of the press!

5B10AE41-B452-43F5-A1B1-D0CA8445F09C.jpgEngadget has some pics of what might be the NEW MacBooks that are expected later this month.

They are reporting: “The text clearly reads MacBook, which falls right in line with rumors that the next iteration of the smaller laptops would be aluminum just like their big brothers. Right now it’s anyone’s guess if these pics are legit or not — but you can be sure we’ll be keeping a close watch on this one as these pictures emanate from the same site carrying the last supposed leak.”

You never know, the leaked iPhone pictures were spot on. We will wait and see!


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64 GB iPod touch? New iPods? New Shuffle? New Rumors!


Is a 64 GB iPod touch coming to an Apple Store near you?

The rumor around the ol’ geek water cooler is – Apple is expected to
refresh its iPod lineup in August. If the sources are correct, we just might see a new iPod Touch along with a taller, slimmer iPod and a 4Gb iPod shuffle in new colors.

More storage and price cuts, pinch me…ouch! Quit it!

(Read all about it TG Daily)

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Multi-colored ipods? What the……

BC128189-79A2-4E8C-A9A9-6FB08FF7487B.jpgAccording to 9to5Mac, The new iPod nano will be multi-colored plus the storage will double and new features blah blah…But Multi-colored…really Apple…Really? huh. Really?

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New Apple notebooks on the way?!?

Besides waiting to purchase the new iPhone 3G, I have been keeping a keen eye out for new MacBooks! According to digitimes “Apple increased its procurement of notebook-use printed circuit boards (PCB) by 20%” I hope this means the new MacBooks are on the way!
I need a new one BAD!
Are you looking forward to the new Notebooks?


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Current iPhone Owners Eligible for Subsidized Prices?

Leaked Information: Current iPhone Owners Automatically Eligible for Subsidized Prices

We have recently received information surrounding the hot-topic issue of whether current iPhone owners will be eligible to get the new iPhone 3G at subsidized pricing ($199/$299 respectively).

MacBlogz’s source at AT&T has confirmed that current iPhone owners will automatically be eligible for subsidized pricing when walking into an AT&T store with your current iPhone in hand.

This has been a rather tricky and un-addressed topic by either AT&T or Apple. It would make sense that current iPhone owners would be eligible for the subsidized pricing. However, because you haven’t necessarily been a customer for two years (seeing as how the iPhone is 13 months old), a lot of confusion lies within those specifics.

The source confirms that “The companies haven’t talked about this, or really said anything, but I can guarantee you that if you walk in Friday morning with your current iPhone, you’ll be automatically eligible for the iPhone 3G’s subsidized pricing.”

We hope this clears up any confusion for current iPhone owners. As it stands right now, simply bring your current iPhone on July 11th to an AT&T store (can’t confirm about Apple Stores) and you’ll automatically be eligible to buy the 8GB iPhone 3G for $199, or the 16GB iPhone 3G for $299.

(Via MacBlogz)

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