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Top 10 Features in OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard


Top 10 Features in OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

techpp.com has a great list of some Snow Leopard goodness!:

“ActiveSync and Exchange 2007 support – The biggest new feature in Snow Leopard is support for Exchange, Microsoft’s popular e-mail, contact, and calendar server. Last year, iPhone got the support for Exchange and now it is the turn of Mac to make ActiveSync and Exchange 2007 native to the OS. That means Apple’s e-mail, calendar, and contacts apps work nicely with Exchange 2007 server, giving users the same capabilities as Microsoft Entourage but with the better-designed, less-memory-intensive apps — Mail, iCal, and Address Book. If you’re syncing your iPhone to the same Exchange server, all those calendar events will sync up automatically!

(Get the full list HERE )

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Mac OS X v10.6: About incompatible software


Curious about what will and will not be working after you upgrade to Snow Leopard, Apple has a list for that!

“Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard is designed to protect your Mac from certain incompatible software that can quit unexpectedly or cause other issues in Mac OS X v10.6.

When you install Snow Leopard or migrate to Snow Leopard, known-incompatible software is moved to a folder named Incompatible Software on your hard drive.

Snow Leopard also prevents known-incompatible software from opening.  If you see an ‘Incompatible software’ message, contact the software’s vendor or visit their website for a later, compatible version.

Products Affected
Mac OS X 10.6
Software restricted during installation and migration

During installation, Snow Leopard moves known-incompatible software to a folder named Incompatible Software at the root level of the hard drive. If you see this folder on your Mac, use the table below to check with the software vendor to see if any Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard-compatible updates are available.”

(See the List HERE.)

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Snow Leopard – Today is the day!


“Today is the day, Mac Geeks Cheer!”

(Check it out HERE.)

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Snow Leopard DOES have some new features!

Snow Leopard DOES have some new features!

Apple is marketing the idea of there being “no new features” for Snow Leopard and instead promising an overall improvement in how Mac OS X works under the hood, thanks to a diligent code optimization and refactoring cycle discussed in the previous article. At the same time, there are plenty of significant new features coming in Snow Leopard to look forward to. Here are ten big new features (plus a few minor ones) that you probably haven’t heard much about from anywhere else,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Dilger looks at many new fetaures and techinologies, including:
• LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)
• CUPS 1.4 (Common Unix Printing System)
• ZFS support
• QuickTime X
• Grand Central
• OpenCL
• Multi-Touch™ support
• Resolution Independence
• Code optimization

Full article here

(Via macdailynews )

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Snow Leopard screenshot

Snow Leopard screenshots emerge, reveal Web App functionalityPicture 4.png

A few dubious screens from Apple’s upcoming OS X mini-update “Snow Leopard” popped up the other week, but now we’re staring at a full-on collection of shots from the folks at German site Apfeltalk. They seem legit enough, but given the fact that Snow Leopard’s improvements primary are under the hood, there’s not a ton to see. Most interesting is a new Safari 4.0 feature to “Save as Web Application,” which creates a Safari-lite, double-clickable application out of any webpage, similar to Firefox’s Prism. Google Docs, anyone? Other features shown off in the screenshots include Exchange integration and Javascript benchmarks, but it’s clear to see that Apple has perhaps a tiny bit more in store for Snow Leopard than what it’s letting on.

(Via Engadget)

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