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Adobe Creative Suite 4 Released!

Picture 1.png
Adobe has released six new “bundles” of creativity – the prices range from $1799 to $2499 for the Master Collection!
Are you ready to upgrade? Do you have the $?

Check them all out HERE

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Keep track of your software serial numbers

81C74267-6642-4018-952E-04078A345FBF.jpgA new application, Licensed 1.0, has been released aimed at helping users keep track of their software serial numbers.

The developer said that every effort was made to make the process of keeping track of your licenses as painless as possible. Features like the ability to drag and drop applications on Licensed will fill out the basic information for you.

The application also has a built-in list of default vendors to help in entering your serial numbers.

Licensed 1.0 is a free download from the developer’s Web site

{Via MacWorld}

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MacHeist bundle now available, if you haven’t heard.

MacHeist retail bundle now available

1E7082A4-D475-4097-9B59-127FBDC5160A.jpgToday MacHeist revealed their newest bundle of software for sale. This new software bundle is being billed as “12 Top Mac Apps” and includes the following pieces of software:

  • Awaken
  • Cha-Ching
  • CoverSutra
  • DEVONthink Personal
  • iClip
  • Overflow
  • Wallet
  • WriteRoom
  • XSlimmer
  • Enigmo
  • Bugdom 2
  • Nanosaur 2

The bundle remains the same $49 (US) price and is now on sale through the end of the month online. Macheist also has plans to release the bundle as a boxed version in stores later this year.

[via MacHeist Forums]

(Via (TUAW).)

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MacHeist bundle

MacHeist bundle is back, shipping retail box soon

95E6BEAA-C495-41C5-BA8B-AF345ACF7840.jpgIf you head over to the MacHeist website today, you’ll find that same video and the caption “The MacHeist Retail Bundle coming soon.” The video depicts some sort of bank robbery in process, with the words “a notorious software bundle,” “better grab it,” and “before it’s to late” flashing across the screen as the heist progresses. Eventually, we find out that inside of the vault being broken into there is a single copy of what appears to be the MacHeist retail box.

It turns out that the official list of software for the bundle is as follows: iClip, CoverSutra, Awaken 4.0, Cha-Ching, Wallet, Xslimmer, DEVONthing Personal, Overflow, WriteRoom, Enigmo, Bugdom 2, and Nanosaur 2. The package will be available online as a download for $49.95 tonight, and will remain on sale online for the next month. After the first month, purchasers will be able to buy an actual, boxed bundle says one MacHeist source. As of right now, the LLC is waiting to find out if the bundle will be carried in Apple retail stores.

(Via Apple Section – Ars Technica.)

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