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Starbucks offers two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day

Starbucks to offer two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day

If you don’t drink coffee and you’re looking for an excuse to visit Starbucks, here it is. Starbucks will begin offering two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day, all to redeem the loyalty of their lost customers (as well as welcome some new ones in).

The only thing that customers need to do in order to avail of the free service is purchase a minimum $5 reloadable Starbucks Card, which they will use to register online for the Starbucks Rewards Card program. This card should be used at least once a month to be eligible for the two consecutive hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi.


A voucher for a free drink will be offered to new members of the reward program as additional incentive, if the free Internet access is not enough.

Originally, Starbucks worked with T-Mobile for Wi-Fi but the service is being phased out in 2008. Again, you don’t need to be a coffee buff to use this service, you just need to purchase and register online for the Starbucks Rewards Card program and you’ll be good to go.

Now it would have been better if maybe a whole town or city block could just provide free Wi-Fi access, but hey, at least they’re offering something. And that’s a start. They could make it even better by installing public access PCs so that people who don’t have their own portable computers can also have a chance to hit the Intewebs, I think.

Read USA Today

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How AT&T spilled the Starbucks beans!

How AT&T spilled the Starbucks beans

0646D5AF-26DD-42C9-9F5F-F7F42B470104.jpgHere’s one thing the folks at Apple could teach their friends at AT&T: how to parcel out the good news.

Case in point: the Starbucks-iPhone-Wi-Fi deal that’s been on and off all week and generating all the wrong kind of headlines (see for example, here).

If Steve Jobs were running AT&T, he would have kept it simple. And a surprise. The first we would have heard about it would be when he announced it, with a flourish, as a fait accompli. Starting today, free unlimited Wi-Fi for every iPhone owner at all 7,000 Starbucks coffee shops and every other AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot — 17,000 in the U.S., 70,000 around the world.


What we got instead was the public relations equivalent of second-day coffee, starting with the press release AT&T (T) issued back in February. The 13-paragraph document talks about free Wi-Fi for “AT&T broadband, AT&T U-verseSM Internet [and] AT&T’s remote access services business customers” but never mentions Apple (AAPL) or the iPhone — two hot-button words that would have given the news some real buzz.

Instead reporters focused on the fact that Starbucks (SBUK) was pulling the plug on T-Mobile, which had been providing it with wireless service since 2001.

Then, last week, without warning, AT&T turned the service on. I spotted it on April 30 when I tried to log on to my T-Mobile account and discovered an AT&T link that wasn’t there the day before. I was already thinking about how many extra shots of espresso I could buy with the $39 a month I would save.

And I was not alone. Apple rumor sites that day were flooded with tips from both coasts alerting them that iPhone owners were getting free Wi-Fi at Starbucks by just by typing in their 10-digit AT&T phone number. AT&T had apparently launched a nationwide test without telling anyone.

Then, four days later, the service stopped, as abruptly and mysteriously as it started, setting off waves of confusion and speculation about what the company’s on-again, off-again behavior might mean. (see here)

You might think that AT&T would have learned their lesson. But no. On Thursday, the text on its website was changed to add language about the new service — “access to AT&T’s more than 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks* all for use (sic) in the U.S.” — that iPhone owners took as a signal that the game was on for good.

Then the language disappeared, along with the Wi-Fi service, triggering another round of second-guessing. (see here)

Apparently the habit of firing before aiming — not to mention clearing it with publicity — had spread from AT&T’s networking guys to its marketing staff.

Officially, both AT&T and Apple have no comment, but the folks in Cupertino are clearly miffed. They saw the Starbucks deal as big news for iPhone owners, and they had hoped to work with AT&T to package it for high-profile release, probably in a matter of weeks.

They would have done it right.

(Via FORTUNE: Apple 2.0.)

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WiFi rollout begins- AT&T and Starbucks

AT&T and Starbucks officially begin WiFi rollout


Remember that WiFi pact brewed up between AT&T and Starbucks earlier this year? How could you forget, right? As if it wasn’t official enough already, the two have announced that the rollout has begun at company-operated Starbucks locations, and the nationwide effort will continue throughout 2008. Effective May 1st, qualifying AT&T high-speed internet / WiFi customers — that’s those who subscribe to one of the three higher-speed residential broadband packages, a small business broadband package or a U-verse offering with high-speed internet — will have free WiFi access at over 7,000 coffeehouses across the US. Unfortunately, we’re not given any real insight into what kinds of potential deals are in the works for AT&T wireless customers (if any at all), but here’s to hoping you all can get a little love, too.

(Via Engadget.)

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Starbucks gets AT&T WiFi portal for iPhone

AT&T WiFi portal for iPhone users shows up at Starbucks

It was only a couple months ago that Starbucks announced that AT&T would take over hotspot services from T-Mobile. Now the WiFi hotspots are rolling out to some of the Starbucks stores. David Chartier, of previous TUAW and now ArsTechnica fame, recently posted an article on his personal blog about the portal and what it offers. He also took the picture that you can see above.

According to David, AT&T is giving WiFi users 2 free hours of access per day. But AT&T didn’t stop there — they designed an iPhone-specific portal to sign onto the service. A local Starbucks manager told David that all 7,000+ Starbucks stores in the US should be “finished by summer.”

I should note that this iPhone portal isn’t specific to Starbucks — every AT&T WiFi hotspot features the same interface — and all devices are eligible for the 2 free hours of access (not just iPhones and iPod touches). Any WiFi device should be able to logon to the service. It is nice to see AT&T finally giving connectivity away for free.

[via 1FPS]

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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‘Pick of the Week’ from iTunes & Starbucks

iTunes, Starbucks create ‘Pick of the Week

625A3CC4-D03F-4CA6-9E81-A927FFE0C6D5.jpgApple and Starbucks on Tuesday announced the Pick of the Week. It’s a new program that offers Starbucks customers free music and music videos each week, downloadable through the iTunes Store.

The music will be available through Pick of the Week download cards provided at more than 7,000 company-owned Starbucks locations in the United States. The card will enable customers to get a complimentary song or music video picked by Starbucks Entertainment and iTunes. Customers have u to 60 days from the date the Pick of the Week is available to redeem the free song.

The promotion is kicking off with “Washington Square” from Counting Crows. Starbcks says that artists lined up for future Picks of the Week include Carly Simon, Duffy, Adele, Sia, Hilary McRae and more.

This is the latest extension of a partnership between Starbucks and Apple that first took shape back in October, 2006, when the iTunes Store first launched the Starbucks Entertainment area — a specially-branded portion of the iTunes Store. Since then, Starbucks has begun to roll out access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at select locations, where patrons can download music and get more info about what that Starbucks happens to be playing at the time.

(Via Macworld.)

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aGEEKspot #6

Breaking News – Apple just updated their operating system Leopard to 10.5.2. It’s a big download with some nice new features. So, go get that download! Hey, it’s free (if you have Leopard that is).Hey Photogs! Aperture 2 has just been released today for the low, low price of $199 (previously$299). Upgrades from the previous version are just $99. The updated Aperture page has all the details.

NewsYahoo says “no thank you” to Microsoft’s bid. In a statement regarding the potential merger, Microsoft said it’s “unfortunate” that Yahoo “has not embraced” its proposal to combine the two companies. Microsoft also hinted that it may take the offer directly to Yahoo’s shareholders, a move that could result in a hostile takeover. (Cue the scary music – dunt, dunt, duaaahhhh).

Yahoo is reportedly in talks with both AOL and Google to try to avoid being acquired by Microsoft.Speaking of Microsoft, since they didn’t get Yahoo it looks like they had some extra $ laying around and decided to get “more” into the mobile phone biz, so they acquired Danger Inc., maker of the technology behind T-Mobile’s Sidekick. Hmmm..can’t you just see it: Ring ring..hey, buddy, your ZUNE phone is ringing?!?!

Starbucks Corp. is teaming up with AT&T Inc. and will start offering a mix of free and paid wireless Internet service in many of its U.S. coffee shops beginning this spring. Java and Wi-Fi, just like bread and Vegemite …yum!

Netflix says bye-bye to HD-DVD. Is this the final blow for HD DVD? Netflix says that, as of now, it will purchase only Blu-ray discs and will phase out HD DVD by the end of 2008 (roughly). Now I have to find a place for my HD-DVD player in the closet next to my 8-Track tape deck.

Rumor – Did you finally get that “new” 16gb iPhone? Well, the word on the street is the price for the iPhones will drop real soon (sound familiar?) and an even newer 3G version is to be released right around the corner. Also heard at the geek cooler, Apple is holding a “special event” during the last week of February…for what? Let the guessing begin.


Gadget of the week – I love digital photography, you can snap pictures like crazy and delete the ones you don’t like. For the ones you DO like or maybe even LOVE, you want a “hard copy”. A real picture, if you will, to have and to hold, to share and to give. Well a cool new mobile digital printer is coming from the original creators of pics on the go, Polaroid.Smudge proof, 2” x 3” borderless, sticky-back prints in about 60 seconds. By USB or Bluetooth. Fun for the whole family, or just me.

Tip – got dups? To get rid of those pesky duplicate songs in iTunes, just go to the View menu and choose “Show Duplicates” then a list will appear before you, do what you will….If you have any techy, geeky, nerdy, or gadgety news, reviews, tips or tricks – Let us know and we can share them with the world. Send them to: aGEEKspot at gmail dot com.

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