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Screenshots of Entire Webpage

Take Screenshot of Entire Webpage

A great tip from USINGMAC :

There are times when you want to take screenshot of webpages, but obviously you can’t use simple print screen which can only take part of the webpage as big as your screen display. So what should you do to capture the whole webpage?

Saft Safari Plugin

Recently, I’ve found this nice Safari plugin called Saft, which is a Shareware. Saft gives you ability to have a screenshot of entire webpage and save it as a PDF file with a single click.



If you don’t like to export the webpage as PDF, you got other alternative application called Paparazzi!. After downloading Paparazzi! 0.4.3, you can capture the entire webpage in various formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF by providing the url for the page.



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Use Spotlight for Quick Calculations

Use Spotlight for Quick Calculations



Spotlight can be used to perform simple calculations, such as 190*42. Just type it in, and it spits out the answer. For those who may be unfamiliar with keyboard mathematical symbols, here’s a quick rundown:

* is multiplication, / is division, ^ is to the power of (exponents), ! is factorial, and then of course there’s + and – for addition and subtraction, respectively.


(Via mactips.org)

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Tip-Quickly Change Default Application

Quickly Change Default Application for File

An easy way to change the default application for a file is to right click (Option+Click) a file and hold option while selecting an application from the “Always Open With” menu.


Please note this only changes the default application for that one file–not every file with this type. See our other post for assigning default applications

(Via mactips.org.)

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A great MAC resource!

Picture 8.png

KeyBoard shortcuts – Tips and tricks – Recommended Programs

All from Dan Rodney

Get ALL that Great info HERE!

thanks misdemeanor!

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Eject button in the menu bar – Very Handy!

Mac 101: Eject button in the menu bar
4E7D8F7C-0F93-4500-AA85-3E2CE6221021.jpgIf you’re using a keyboard without an eject key, say a non-Apple keyboard, an older Apple keyboard or (in my case) a really old Apple keyboard, you’re probably missing that eject button. Sure, you can launch iTunes and select “Eject Disk” from the Controls menu, but there’s a much easier way.

Navigate to the CoreServices folder, which lives in your system’s Library. There, you’ll find “Eject.menu” in the Menu Extras folder. Simply double-click that sucker and presto! An eject button is now in your menu bar.

To remove it, simply click it and drag it onto the desktop while holding down the Command key. You can also re-arrange menu bar items by dragging with the Command key depressed.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet – Very Handy!

Text Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

A very handy cheat sheet from mactips for geeks and new switchers!

These shortcuts can generally be used across any Cocoa application and are great for increasing your productivity.

Download the Text Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet in PDF format.

(Via mactips.org.)


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Explaining Web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0

Explaining Web 1.0, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 | Resourceful Idiot
It seems that everyone has their own idea of what Web 2.0 means.That is one of the pitfalls to using a single buzzword to define everything you see on the internet.
I have heard people describing nearly every new website as being Web 2.0 as if it was describing the launch date of a site. The term ironically is the most popular category on Resourceful Idiot. In leu of this, I am going to finally give you the definition of Web 2.0 and the principles that define it. In order to do that however, I need to start from the beginning with Web 1.0″

Get Full Article HERE.

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Mobile Phone or iPod dropped in Water? Rice to the Rescue!

Dropped your Mobile Phone or iPod in Water? Rush to the Kitchen

What is the next step that you would take if your expensive mobile phone or iPod gets wet in the rain or your drop it in a wash basin?


Such accidents are not very uncommon. Adam Curry once dropped his iPhone in the toilet. Venadium went for a swim while the iPod was still in his pocket. Leo Laporte did something similar to his cell phone. Virgo soaked his iPod when a bottle of Diet Coke fell over his trousers.

Since the warranty for most electronics does not cover water damage, what can you do to revive that wet gadget ? The answer is in your kitchen.

Power off the device (if it’s not off already) and try to completely cover the iPod or iPhone in a bowl of rice. Rice being a natural desiccant will help absorb the excess moisture. Let it try for at least 24 hours and DO NOT try to charge the device.

If your gadget has a removable battery, dry it separately to speed up the whole drying process.

This home-remedy is cheap and worth giving a try before you rush to the Apple store for a replacement.

Ernesto Londoño successfully managed to fix his wet BlackBerry phone after he left the device soaked overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice.

(Via Digital Inspiration.)


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