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TiVo’s 30 second skip – Tip

Picture 4.pngI am sure there are tons of TiVo tips out there but here is one I love –
TiVo’s 30 second skip

Play anything
Select – Play – Select – 3 – 0 – Select

You will hear three dings and now your ready to rock!

Press the button arrow, half moon (see pic) and you can skip in 30 sec. increments.

If you have any other TiVo tips or tricks, please pass them along!


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TiVo brings back Lifetime Service

TiVo brings back Lifetime Service
71ECFDA3-9734-4538-B544-AF596B102D27.jpgThe subscription-based TiVo service has quietly brought back its Lifetime Service subscription plan on a permanent basis, extending what was originally a temporary deal. When it originally launched, the service offered similar lifetime subscriptions that were ultimately phased out in July 2003. The lifetime service is receiver-specific, though it is possible to transfer it from an older receiver to another one for a fee of nearly $200 that also maintains a one-year subscription to the TV recording service for the older device.
The Lifetime Service plan costs nearly $400 and is priced to compete against annual subscription rates, which run nearly $130 in typical use. The feature should work with both Series 2 and Series 3 DVRs and should be available immediately”

(Via Electronista .)

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