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Twitter Twitpocalypse Status – YIKES!

Picture 1.png

“The Twitpocalypse is similar to the Y2K bug. Very soon the unique identifier associated to each tweet will exceed 2,147,483,6471

For some of your favorite third-party Twitter services not designed to handle such a case, the sequence will suddenly turn into negative numbers. At this point, they are very likely to malfunction or crash.

When will this happen? Check here often, and we will tell you how close we are to the Twitpocalypse2”

(Via Twitter Twitpocalypse Status)

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What is Twitter? Watch this! (video)

The Greatest video that explains Twitter. I made my Mom watch it and even she understood after watching.

So if you havent seen it yet, please take a look!


A quick and plain English intro the micro-blogging service Twitter.

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What is Twitter? NPR tell us

FF35BF58-8FBD-4136-BB07-834094AEB229.jpgWow, a sign of the times, NPR now has a new tech show on Mondays, all tech considered.
This show talks about Twitter, check it out HERE

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FREE twitter backgrounds!

Picture 3.pngDo you have a twitter account yet? Who doesn’t? Even Al Gore has one!

Well it’s time to spruce it up. Try some FREE background patterns from twitterpatterns. They are fun and did I mention FREE (as long as you use them for twitter background!)

It has the best dialogue message ever!

Picture 4.png

Go get em HERE

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2008 Election on Twitter

Are you curious what people on Twitter are saying about the 2008 Election?


Check it out for yourself! HERE

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do you tweet?

Picture 7.png

If you get bored or want to know what’s happening at aGEEKspot, follow us on Twitter!

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Twitter Haters!?!

We all know Twitter is going through some growing pains. Some people want to shut it down until it gets “fixed”, saying people will find something new or more reliable….If there was somewhere to turn.

We need to remember Twitter is FREE. It tells your buddies that you just had a taco, or check out the latest iPhone rumor, it’s not set up for rocket surgery! No one will be killed or die if your co-worker doesn’t get your TV viewing update. OK, it did help out that one dude in Egypt

I just think we should give twitter a chance to make things right with out beating them up. They are at least looking for people –  check out their jobs, they need a Operations Engineer, Systems Engineer and a Front End Engineer.

What would be the best idea for twitter, sell it, fix it, scrap it?

Twitter me with your thoughts…..when it comes back on-line!   

Check twitter up-time/down time HERE.


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twitter aGEEKspot! oooOO that tickles!


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Twitter widget!

A Twitter widget!

3163119C-7FAF-4481-BDC2-AF4ECB39F96E.jpgI am using Twitter more and more and it is great on my iPhone, but using the website is not as great. I now finally found a widget that makes this so much better. It retrieves the feed and it lets you quickly update your Twitter account. You can get the widget called Twitterlex here on MacUpdate.”

(Via tips4mac.)

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Twitterverse Screensaver

Mac OS X Tip: Twitterverse Screensaver Visualizes Your Twitter Activity
F7A847A8-9968-4BE2-9B3A-A7BEF81585CB.jpgAn adventurous Flickr user dug up a file in Leopard’s example developer documents called Twitterverse, a screensaver that displays your Twitter world in a circle of thumbnailed activity. To use Twitterverse, find the file (a quick Spotlight search for Twitterverse should do the trick), open your Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane, and then simply drag the Twitterverse.qtz file into the preview window of the Screen Saver preference pane.

To get it downloading your friends’ tweets, click the Options button, enter your username and password, and try it out. I had trouble seeing results (just a blank screen), but if you have more luck, the screensaver is eye-tastic!
Twitterverse Quartz Composer

(Via lifehacker.)

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