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Safari 4 – available now for Mac 7 PC – Worlds Fastest

Picture 2.png

From Apple, the new Safari Beta is ready for YOU! Are you ready for it?

“The world’s best browser. Free download for Mac + PC.”

(Get it HERE)

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Most Influential People on the Web – Steve Jobs


According to businessweek:

Kevin Rose is on there and even Jon Stewart!

Check it out HERE

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Download from your Mac over the web with FarFinder

FarFinder: Download from your Mac over the webCEE53B45-44CA-4392-870D-C519F73F2162.jpg
Flying Mac today unveiled FarFinder, a remote file access for the Mac that allows users to browse and retrieve their files from their Mac using a standard web browser. In addition to working on a desktop or laptop computer, FarFinder can also be used through Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch. Since files can’t really be downloaded to the iPhone, FarFinder will email the file to a desired address. FarFinder is currently available at a special price of $20.
The company claims FarFinder is simple to configure, and is “install-and-forget”. The software can also automatically configure routers so that users do not have to learn what ports they need to change.

(Via MacNN.)

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