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Guitar hero world tour out NOW!

Picture 3.png

Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour is available since yesterday.

The game alone is $49.99 – $59.99

The game and the guitar is $89.99 – $99.99

The Full rock out with your Wii out Band kit is $179.99 – $189.99

Time to rock the living room!!!!!!

Check it out HERE


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Time to rock out with your Wii out! Rock Band 2 for Wii


Rock Band 2 for the Wii is due to come out in about a month!

The rumor is…for all you Guitar Hero III owners out there (like me) your guitar will work with Rock Band 2…Sweet!

I can’t wait to start rockin’ in the wii world once agin – November 18.

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Wii makes it easy to be a Jedi!


Glow Sabre Duo Pack:
Pack of 2 different laser sabres for Wiimote

“Laser effect” with lighting system 17 LEDS:

Check it out HERE

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The new Guitar for all your Wii band needs!

Some great news for the the living room guitar stars out there!

So you have guitar Hero and Rock Band. You have two guitars BUT they do not play well together! Say hello to ezJam Combo Guitar from Nyko!

According to the gaming blogosphere, this is the gadget that all the rockers have been waiting for, a dual friendly guitar for all your rocking needs!

The price will be about $70, a small price to pay for the ability to rock out with your Wii out!

Searching Nyko’s site came back with nada on shipping dates, pics or even a spec of info on this new Gee-Tar……

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The Wii is strong with this one – The Wii Laser Sword

Picture 16.png

The Wii Laser Sword add-on will give you a more tactile experience kicking some Vadar ass! A motion detection sensor will light up when you move the sword! It’s only useful with a few games but still looks like fun. No price announced yet. Stay tuned.


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Wii Keyboard

Wii Keyboard

Well, the contrary to popular belief, you don’t wave the Wii Keyboard around like some madman while playing a ported version of Typing of the Dead. No sir, this QWERTY pad enables you to type quite comfortably without relying on pointing out the letters that you want with the Wiimote. It is slated for a July 18th release date, retailing for £14.99. Not an essential, but nice to have.

(AGS) I hate putting this up without a link but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Anyone out there know a link???

(Via Ubergizmo)

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Rock Band/Guitar Hero – guitar compatibility guide

Joystiq Holidaze: the guitar compatibility guide – Joystiq

We FINALLY got the Wii after a long time waiting and have been rocking out with Guitar hero and now Rock Band BUT the guitars ARE NOT compatible!
Here is a nice compatibility chart and more info:

Tis the season for shredding plastic guitar controllers in a virtual environment for screaming, adoring virtual fans – do you know if your plastic axe can rock with your game? Through playtests and corroboration via other sources, we have combined three handy charts (one for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and now Wii) to let you know what guitar controllers work with what games.
So the PS3 and Wii guitars just don’t play nicely together – they’re punk rockers like that. The compatibility of each guitar and game can be updated later through software, but there’s no guarantee either Rock Band developer Harmonix or Guitar Hero 3 developer Neversoft will put forth the effort.

(Get the Whole list HERE)

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Wii Sales To Surpass Xbox 360 This Year

Wii Sales To Surpass Xbox 360 This Year.


Market analysis firm iSuppli predicts that the Nintendo Wii will surpass the Xbox 360 this year in terms of sales, although they still maintain that the PS3 will outsell both by 2011. 2011 is still three years away – would the PS3 receive a more powerful rival from Microsoft and Nintendo by then? Nobody knows, but should either company come up with a new model (especially a HD-capable Wii), I don’t think the PS3 Wii-l, er, will be looking so smug about lasting a 10-year cycle then. One thing’s for sure, the PS3 won’t be able to emulate the PS2’s phenomenal success.

(Via Ubergizmo.)

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