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Seinfeld “Windows sucks and yadda, yadda, yadda…..”

35B4A469-DC92-49B6-BECA-FE918262FD68.jpgRiding on the coat tails of the highly successful “Get a Mac” ads from Apple, Microsoft gets old American Express pitchman Jerry Seinfeld to push it’s failing Vista OS.

FishbowlLA is reporting:
“Our insider says the whole campaign is focused on ‘everyday’ people using Windows in real situations. Some of the options the agency has been floating around have been a reporter on Humvee, an Obama/McCain speech writer, a DJ – a blues musician. There was a crew that traveled all over the world filming humanitarian workers.”

In my opinion, instead of paying Jerry all this money, take that dough and make a better operating system — then sell it and make more billions of dollars!!!!

There, that one is free from me to you Bill!



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TIPS! Switch to Mac From Windows

Some General Tips for Switch to Mac From Windows [Personal Technology]

Sales of Apple’s Macintosh computers have been growing much faster than PC sales overall, with many new Mac buyers switching from years of using Windows computers. For that reason, every month I get emails from readers asking about the differences in using the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

While the Windows and Mac user interfaces are broadly similar, they do have subtle variations in day-to-day use that require some re-education for switchers. And because there are so many fewer Mac users than Windows users, help from friends and co-workers can be harder to obtain than it is for people switching the other way, to Windows from Mac.

So, here’s a quick tip sheet explaining a few of the most common differences in the daily use of Windows XP (MSFT), from which most people would be switching, and Apple’s (AAPL) Mac OS X Leopard, which switchers would be adopting.

This column isn’t an argument for making the switch to a Mac, merely an attempt to help those who have done so, or who are considering doing so. Of course, all Macs currently sold can run Windows and Windows programs concurrently with the Mac operating system. But this guide is for folks who intend to use their Macs primarily with Leopard, not Windows.

Menu Bars: In Windows, each program typically has its own menu bar. On the Mac, there’s a single menu bar at the top of the screen that changes, depending on which program you are actively using.

Task Bar: The equivalent of the Windows XP Task Bar on the Mac is the Dock. Unlike the Task Bar, which primarily holds icons representing open windows, the Mac Dock primarily holds icons of programs you use most often. To place a program onto the Dock, you just drag its icon there. To remove it, you just drag its icon off the Dock and it disappears in a puff of animated smoke.

Start Menu: There is no Start Menu on a Mac. Its functions are divided between the Dock and the Apple menu at the upper left of the Mac screen.

Control Panel: The Mac equivalent of the Windows Control Panel is called System Preferences, and it can be launched from either the Dock or the Apple menu.

Keyboard shortcuts: Common Windows keyboard commands, such as Ctrl-S for Save, Ctrl-P for Print, and many others, are also available on the Mac. However, instead of using the Control key, they use the Mac’s Command key, which bears either a cloverlike symbol or an Apple logo. So, on the Mac, for instance, Command-S is for Save.

Quitting programs: In Windows, you can quit a program by clicking on the red “X” in a square at the upper right corner of the window you’re using. But on the Mac, if you click on the equivalent button — a red “X” in a circle in the upper left corner — you are merely closing the window, not quitting the program. To quit the program, you must either select Quit from the leftmost menu or press the Command and “Q” keys together.

Maximizing windows: When you click on the blue maximize button in Windows XP, the window you are viewing occupies the whole screen. In Leopard, the equivalent button — a green circle at the upper left — increases a small window’s size to a footprint deemed optimal for its contents, which isn’t always the whole screen.

Switching programs: One common way to switch among running programs in Windows XP is to press Alt and Tab together. This displays icons of each running program and allows you to switch among them. On a Mac, the same trick can be performed by pressing the Command and Tab keys together. The Mac also has a terrific feature called Expose, which shows every open window at once, in miniature form, so you can navigate among them. You can trigger Expose in a number of ways, but the most common is to hit either the F9 key or the dedicated Expose key, depending on your Mac model.

Right-clicking: Contrary to common belief, the Mac has a right-click menu function, just like Windows. Most desktop Macs now come with a mouse that allows right-clicking, and you can use almost any two-button USB mouse with any modern Mac. If you are using a Mac laptop, which has only one button under the track pad, you can simulate a right-click by either holding down the Control key when you click, or by placing two fingers on the track pad while clicking. The latter technique, which I favor, must first be turned on in System Preferences.

Screen: Your desktop picture and screen saver on a Mac are set via a System Preference called Desktop & Screen Saver. Screen resolution is set in the Displays System Preference. In Windows XP, all of these things are included in the Display control panel.

For more information, Apple offers two Web sites. One is called Mac 101, and is at apple.com/support/mac101. The other is called Switch 101, and is at apple.com/support/switch101

(Via All Things Digital)


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YIKES! Mobile Me & Windows Me Logos separated at birth?


Maybe Apple figured that since only my sister-in-law bought Windows Me, no one would notice that their new “mobile me” service bears a striking resemblance to the Me logo. Well, eagle-eyed flickr user hotmilkgreentea has blown the whole “Me” font thing wide open, and is calling Apple out.
Surely there is another “happy” font to write “me” in that still implies something is idiot-proof..?

(Via macenstein )

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Black iMac? Nope, it’s Averatec all-in-one PC

averatec all-in-one pc looks nothing like an imac

Korean PC manufacturer Averatec has tossed their hat back into the all-in-one computer ring with this new model that bears more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s latest iMac models.

The Averatec All-in-One (AIO) PC looks much like an iMac dressed in black. But under the hood, it’s all about Windows. The system sports a built-in 22-inch LCD monitor and houses all of its brains inside the box, which is only about 2 inches deep.


The AIO is powered by a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 CPU, and comes pre-loaded with Vista Home Premium. The standard config also includes a 320GB hard drive, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and an nVidia GeForce 8400 GPU. There’s also a built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam, and the system includes a wireless keyboard, mouse and MCE remote control in the box.

Expect the Averatec All-in-One PC to start showing up at retailers in the next couple of months, with a MSRP of $1299 USD, $100 more than Apple’s bottom-of-the-line 20-inch iMac.

[via Crave](technabob.)

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Updated for Windows XP and Vista – Bootcamp

Bootcamp updated for Windows XP and Vista

D0F78D76-CE63-49C7-928D-6A53796820F0.jpgBootcamp 2.1 has just been released in three Windowslicious flavors: Windows XP, Vista 32 bit, and Vista 64 bit. All three updates ‘address issues and improve compatibility,’ which is always a welcome thing.

Bootcamp, in case you aren’t in the know, is Apple’s utility that allows you to dual boot your Mac: one partition boots OS X and another boots Windows (it is a little creepy, but very cool).

Windows XP users take note: Bootcamp 2.1 should be installed before you apply Windows XP Service Pack 3.

(Via (TUAW)

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Windows Software Update Utility Gets Fixed

Apple fixes Windows Software Update utility

7BB0379B-CC95-41E8-B26C-3B79A1F28D02.jpgFollowing considerable public criticism, Apple has release a new version of its Software Update utility for Windows, bringing it to v2.1. The patch is available through the current version of Software Update — bundled with programs such as iTunes — and addresses an earlier policy of Apple, under which Safari 3.1 would be pushed to Windows users whether they wanted it or not, as if they had already downloaded the application previously. Some have accused Apple of trying to artificially improve the distribution of the Safari web browser in the Windows sphere.
Safari continues to appear as a default checked item in Update 2.1, but has been moved to the “New Software” category, and so is readily identifiable as non-essential. New versions of Safari should now also stop triggering the automatic appearance of Software Update, unless users do in fact already have an earlier edition.

(Via MacNN.)

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what, what, WHAT! Ten things I hate about the Mac and love about Windows

Ten things I hate about the Mac and love about Windows


What I Hate About The Mac

1) USB Devices Always Wake the Computer – If my computer is sleeping, and I unplug my iPod to go out, why does my computer wake up? Why, why, why? Same if I’m unplugging my display/USB hub to use my computer as a laptop. The computer should NOT wake up.

2) USB Drives Can’t Simply Be Unplugged – In a similar vein to the first one, I should be able to yank out my USB drive and go. Why do I have to eject the drive first? I don’t on Windows…

3) No Cut and Paste in the Finder – Before I start, I understand the motivation for utilizing drag and drop. And for the most part, I love using drag an drop. But when I’m moving a file from one folder nested in Adam/Documents/Important/Files/Taxes/NotReallyTaxes/Games/MoveThis.file all the way to Adam/Movies/Films/A-F/Crappy Movies/ThisFileWas.moved, Drag and Drop isn’t the best option. Even if it isn’t called cut and paste (I’m aware of the problem with the name scheme), call it “Sticky Move” or “Smart Move” or something. Just include it.

4) No Universal Uninstaller – I love that applications in OS X are for the most part self contained. You can drag to a folder to install, and uninstall by dragging to trash. But for applications like Adobe Photoshop CS3, or Apple’s own Final Cut Studio, they are not self contained and to properly uninstall, one needs to resort to third party apps like AppDelete and AppZapper. Windows has an uninstaller (albeit a hit or miss one) built in. Why can’t OS X? It wouldn’t be used that much, but when it is needed, it would be invaluable.

5) Empty Trash is Severely Crippled – If I drop a file into the trash that an application is using, the trash won’t empty. It will throw up a message saying that “Trash cannot empty because such and such is in use.” This is all fine and well, unless, as I find happens much too often, none of your open applications seem to be using it. I have quit all my apps too many times to count only to find that the file was still “in use.” Is it too much to ask for OS X to at least tell me what process is using it? Then I could kill it with Activity Monitor.


What I Love About Windows

1) Ability To Install Almost Any Software – What’s the oldest software you can run natively on a new Mac? About three years. What’s the oldest software you can run natively on Windows? Way over 10 years. I had an OS9 version of Photoshop Elements. Ran in Classic on my Power PC Mac, Didn’t run at all on my Intel Mac. The Windows version (bundled on the same CD) Ran like a charm on Windows XP.

2) Maximize Done Right – I know that the green button in OS X isn’t technically a Maximize button, but I don’t know what it is. In iTunes and Calculator, its a mode switcher. In Safari, it’s a resizer. In iPhoto, iMovie, Aperture, and Firefox, it’s a maximizer. In Windows, it has, does, and always will expand the window to full screen. I understand why maximization isn’t practical in todays world of huge screens, but neither is a multi purpose vague button marked with a plus that may, in fact, make the window smaller.

3) Access to the Innards – Quick and Easy. I can delete any System File without being told I don’t have privileges even though I’m the freakin’ administrator. Great for tinkerers.

4) Easy Force Quit – By and large, it takes three clicks of “Force Quit” in OS X to actually make it force quit. In Windows,as long as you can get the Task Manager up, you can quit anything. It’s as easy as Ctrl-Alt-Del.

5) Settings are Remembered – OS X, If I leave my Finder window in the corner, I want it to stay in the corner. Windows knows this, you can learn too. Thanks.

What gripes do you have with OS X? What do you love about Windows? How about the other way around? Sound off below!

Full Story » | Written by Adam Fisher-Cox for Appletell. |

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Fans Tout Windows XP’s Superiority over Vista…DUH!

Fans Tout Windows XP’s Superiority838354CD-9363-43AD-AC1B-2D8F5743718B.jpg

Fans of Windows XP are reacting to Microsoft’s plan to retire the six-year-old operating system by papering the internet with blog posts, cartoons and petitions. They trumpet Windows XP’s superiority to Windows Vista, Microsoft’s latest PC operating system, whose consumer launch received lukewarm reviews.

(Via Wired News.)

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Weekly News for March 18th

– Today Apple has released Safari 3.1, the company says it's the world's fastest Web browser for Mac and Windows PCs. Bold statement, I am downloading it as I type…..I'll let you know what I think next week.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will be available for shipping on Wednesday, March 19, according to a listing on Amazon.com. Let's hope this will make Vista as good as XP.

NEWS – As predicted, Apple's Airport Express has just received an upgrade. It now uses next-generation 802.11n wireless technology to deliver up to five times the performance and up to twice the range of 802.11g wireless networks and it's still only $99 bucks!

A great way to waste more time at work! Facebook is going to jump onto the instant messaging bandwagon sometime this week by launching its own service. That’s the word going around the nerd cooler these days anyway….

RUMORS – iPhone 2.0, iPhone 3.0 or iPhone Nano – a clamshell/flip phone? Let the guessing begin!

GADGET – Every geek, nerd, techie, dude or dudess needs to know what time it is, today it is dot matrix time! Right from the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) store and ready for your wrist! The face is shaped like a computer icon and made of an ABS and stainless steel body with a polyurethane band. It only runs you $75 bucks or a nice discount for members, $67.50. So the next time someone ask you for the time, show off your sweet new, work of art – watch!

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