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YouTube helps viewers purchase music from iTunes and Amazon

Picture 7.png

YouTube added a few new handy buttons below videos that contain music.

Picture 6.png

That way if you are digging on the tune, you can instantly go to iTunes or Amazon.com to download it.

According to Googleblog:

“When you view a YouTube video with a great soundtrack, you often see comments from YouTube users asking about the name of the song and where they can download it. Or when users watch the trailer for an upcoming video game, they want to know when it will be released and where they can buy it.”

Now, how can I get back those numerous minutes of searching!


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Judge rules, YouTube user data must be turned over to Viacom

YouTube user data must be turned over to Viacom, judge rules
A federal judge this week ordered Google to provide Viacom with records of which users watched which videos on YouTube. The ruling raises fears that the video viewing histories of tens of millions of people could be exposed. The sheer amount of data we’re talking about here is massive — for each and every YouTube video ever watched since YouTube launched in 2005, Google now has to to turn over to Viacom the login name of every user who had watched every video, and their the IP addresses.

Snip from NYT story by Miguel Helft:

Google and Viacom said they were hoping to come up with a way to protect the anonymity of the site’s visitors. Viacom also said that the information would be safeguarded by a protective order restricting access to the data to outside lawyers, who will use it solely to press Viacom’s $1 billion copyright suit against Google.

Still, the judge’s order, which was made public late Wednesday, renewed concerns among privacy advocates that Internet companies like Google are collecting unprecedented amounts of private information that could be misused or fall unexpectedly into the hands of third parties.

“These very large databases of transactional information become honey pots for law enforcement or for litigants,” said Chris Hoofnagle, a senior fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology.

Google Told to Turn Over User Data of YouTube [New York Times]

(Via Boing Boing)

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HD camcorder uploads to YouTube

$179 DXG-567V HD camcorder uploads right to YouTube


Uh oh, DXG’s creeping its way up into luxury territory. Earlier this year, we saw the outfit dish out a craptacular $149 HD camcorder, and just a few months back we were introduced to the $169 DXG-569V. Now, it’ll take another Hamilton in order to rightfully claim its newest unit, the DXG-567V. The pocket-friendly cam is available in four different hues, ships with rechargeable AA batteries and uploads directly to YouTube and other video sharing sites without much hassle at all. DXG claims that this bugger captures video at 1,280 x 720 (30fps), but even at $179, we have our doubts about the overall quality. Better watch out though, by this time next year you’ll see DXG perched up beside Sony, Panasonic and the rest of the respected gang.

(Via Engadget)

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Download Videos From YouTube To Your iPod, iPhone Or Apple TV with Tooble

Tooble – Download Videos From YouTube To Your iPod, iPhone Or Apple TV | Cool OSX Apps30461702-F5C9-4650-8B34-7AB5B97180A7.jpg

Tooble 0107 is a free application for OS X, that lets you browse, search and download any video from YouTube and put it on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or save them directly to your Mac. It converts YouTube videos to MP4 format and then sends them to iTunes, so that the next time you plug in your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV they are there for you to enjoy.

Tooble includes supports both Tiger and Leopard. You can also download a version for Windows (Windows NT, Windows XP or Vista).


Better International Support

Faster Downloads

YouTube Categories Support

Many Bug Fixes

Much More

Download HERE

(Via coolosxapps .)

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Higher-Quality MP4 Format in YouTube

Download YouTube Videos in Higher-Quality MP4 Format

99C3C7B8-C7AB-456D-8995-E1D19D32A92E.jpgYouTube recently started offering video playback in higher-resolution, better-sounding formats like MP4, and that bump in quality can now be downloaded for desktop use as well. The Google Operating System points out two easy methods for grabbing files: A bookmarklet that adds a “Download as MP4” link to video pages when clicked, and a Greasemonkey script that automatically creates the link. Both require that you right-click and assign the to-be-downloaded file the “.mp4” extension, and both may violate YouTube’s terms of use, but, as blog author Ionut points out, the same files are available in your browser cache after watching. Hit the link to grab the bookmarklet and Greasemonkey script for Firefox (and Opera) users.

(Via Lifehacker.)

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Weekly Update

Breaking News – After much speculation week after week, today Apple updated its popular MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook lines with the latest and greatest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, bigger hard drives and 2GB of memory now come standard. Plus, the MacBook Pro includes Apple’s innovative Multi-Touch trackpad which first appeared in the MacBook Air.

News – The Oscars just went geek! Along with a billion other people, I watched Oscar host John Stewart playing with his iPhone (watching Lawrence of Arabia) and playing the Wii on the big Screen! Looks like Hollywood has embraced its inner nerd!

“Hey, I can't watch my favorite lip sync video on YouTube, what gives?” Blame it on Pakistan. "A religious state, Pakistan, identifies a content provider, YouTube, as the source of blasphemous, seditious content and orders, that the Internet tides be stopped." No problem….Youtube is back for all of us that love blasphemy! Speaking of YouTube, here is a 3 year old little girl explaining Star Wars.

So Cool – Are you sick of your work desk? Do you need something that represents you and that will let your "geek flag" fly? Get your hands on the Han Solo in Carbonite desktop. It is the coolest!!!


Gadget of the Week – Trust me Obi Wan, you’re my only hope. It looks like a Star Wars themed Tech Talk this week, since the gadget of the week is an R2D2 projector, it comes with a Millennium Flacon remote! It projects photos and videos from DVD's, Cd's, memory cards, usb flash drives and with the internal iPod dock! I can't find a US distributor or a price but if your a true fan, use the force!

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