Rumor ALERT! It’s A Nano iPhone!


It’s A Nano iPhone!

A holiday rumor for you…
iDealsChina is reporting:

“No more speculating, the new iPhone is a Nano Phone ! We just got these images of a silicone case design by for the new Nano iPhone. This case is in production. We are not sure when they will release it on their site. The XSKN designs will give you an idea of the shape and size of the new Nano iPhone. We understand that a number of company are producing cases as of last week. If you remember, before iPhone 3G was released a number of companies including Griffin had advanced information of the size and shape of iPhone 3G. We understand that once one company starts making a mold their information is passed onto other mold companies or accessory companies through a China underground network”

I believe a nano iPhone would be great but I would definitely NOT get this ugly case for it!

(Read ALL about it.. idealschina )


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