Beijing Olympic Torch – Can now be yours!

8ADD2495-A763-4044-9CAB-925591275CCF.jpgIf you’ve got Olympic fever and $500 bucks your in luck!

The Classic Edition of the Beijing Olympic Torch can be yours.

You and your friends can re-enact the opening of the Beijing Olympics and run all over your neighborhood trying not to start things on fire.

Here’s the specs:

•The first IOC-approved three-dimensional torch replica of the Summer Olympic Games

•The height of the miniature torch is 29cm, representing the 29th modern Olympic Games

•The Torch part is made from the actual steel left over from the construction of the National Stadium, nicknamed the “Bird’s Nest” and is also certified by the Beijing Notary Office. Worldwide production limited to 200,000 sets

•The material of the base is made of crystal and the line map laser-printed on the crystal base that shows the route of the Olympic torch, goes over the world

•The Olympic Torch Replica is packed in a silk brocade box which Chinese people used to store their valuables in the past

•A certificate in form of the reel of document from ancient emperor is enclosed to symbolize the preciousness and valuableness of the Olympic Torch Replica

A must have souvenir of the games – Get it HERE

(not sure if it can sustain fire)

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