iPhone killer-app is letting users choose software

iPhone killer-app is letting users choose software
D3957FC6-9005-496B-AA0C-4E3E7C2887EC.jpgThe first iPhones won praise for their sleek design and elegant touchscreen, but Apple’s new computer phones, arriving this week, will use the power of software to make the device like no phone ever seen.

Whether it’s faster Web speeds, security for business users or using the phone’s direction-finding capability to let it act as a game controller or location-aware device, it’s software, not hardware, that should define the iPhone from here out.

“The emphasis on software shifts the debate from how cool a device it is to what it can do for you,” says Tim Bajarin, an analyst with industry research firm Creative Strategies of San Jose, California, and a veteran Apple-watcher.

“It’s basically redefining what a phone is,” said Raven Zachary, open source software analyst for industry research firm The 451 Group and founder of iPhone Dev Camp, a conference for independent developers of software for iPhones.

Get over how it looks. It’s the power of the computer inside, combined with supporting technologies that let it perform many powerful tasks no phone has managed before.


IPhone gaming features are a good example. A built-in accelerometer lets the device know when it’s being tilted or swung, allowing it to act like a Nintendo Wii game controller, not just an input device where the user punches buttons in four directions to control game movements.

Similarly, the iPhone’s Global Positioning System (GPS) chip allows software to go far beyond obvious functions like maps. Web search or photo-sharing sites can now assume a user’s location and adjust what they see to their local surroundings.

(Via Reuters)

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