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Firefox gets download record from Guinness

Guinness bestows download record on Firefox

403998DB-9D9B-4AB8-90B7-9E08ECE038A8.jpgThe de facto registrar of superlative achievements has credited Mozilla for officially setting a record for downloads in a 24-hour period: 8,002,530 copies of Firefox.

Mozilla’s Download Day on June 17, whose server-crippling success delayed its official start, sought to popularize the open-source Web browser. Mozilla, which oversees the Firefox project, projected at the time that it cleared 8 million, but the number is now official.

“As the arbiter and recorder of the world’s amazing facts, Guinness World Records is pleased to add Mozilla’s achievement to our archives,” Gareth Deaves, Guinness’ records manager, said in a statement.

Though Download Day was a big publicity stunt, it’s hard to sniff with too much disdain at the total. To me at least it indicates that people see more in this particular browser than just a bundle of bits to surf the Web; they like its technology, its open-source nature or other attributes, and downloading and using it is an event somewhat akin to suffering in line for hours for rock show tickets or to buy an iPhone.

I’m skeptical that Download Day in and of itself will appreciably shift Firefox’s market share results in the short term. But it did probably coax people toward a more modern browser, which Web site operators probably are happy to see, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mozilla managed to sign up more Firefox fanboys through its promotional devices.

Also for the record, Net Applications gave Firefox 3 2.31 percent market share for the entire month of June, compared with 4.28 percent for Safari 3.1, 16.13 percent for Firefox 2, 26.38 percent for Internet Explorer 6, and 46.45 percent for No. 1 IE 7. The statistics are based on actual usage at various major search engines. Because Firefox 3 was released midway through June, the statistics likely will show significantly greater share for it in July.

(Via CNET)


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More Apple Revenue, Fewer Unlocked Phones

New IPhone Rules: More Apple Revenue, Fewer Unlocked Phones
6E8AEE7B-5F6E-471E-B115-68F780452489.jpgA change in the way Apple Inc. (AAPL) sells its upcoming iPhone could increase how much the consumer electronics giant makes on each phone sold, potentially boosting the company’s revenue by billions of dollars, as well as reduce the number of potential lost subscribers.

While the consumer will be paying about $200 less for each iPhone, Apple is seen as making more money, thanks to the subsidies that the phone’s carriers, including AT&T Inc. (T), will pay. While the companies involved won’t comment on the plan, industry observers now suspect the subsidies may total more than $300 a phone, giving Apple an extra $100 or more on each phone sold.

Based on analysts’ forecast that between 35 million and 45 million iPhones will be sold before the end of 2010, that could add $4 billion or more to Apple’s top line.

Carriers likely are more willing to pay the high subsidy because of a simple change in the way iPhones are sold – Apple now is requiring a service contract at the time of sale. The move is seen cutting down on those iPhone buyers who ” unlock” their phones and use the devices on other cell phone networks.

This action should help carriers benefit as much as possible from their iPhone relationship. It was estimated that about a quarter of the first-generation iPhones were unlocked, preventing those carriers from collecting the monthly subscription fee, which generally ranges between $70 and $130.

In addition to the service contract requirement, Apple also has surrendered its right to part of that monthly subscription fee.

Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone 3G, which also doubles as an MP3 player and mobile Internet device, goes on sale on July 11.

In the U.S., exclusive service provider AT&T will charge $199 for an iPhone with an 8-gigbyte hard drive and $299 for a model with a 16-gigabyte hard drive, as long as the buyer also subscribes to its cell phone service. It also will sell an iPhone contract-free, at $599 and $699 respectively, and then give buyers an option to use AT&T services without a contract.

With new details about iPhone subsidies this week, equity research analysts say their assumptions about the iPhone’s average selling price were too conservative, thus helping to expose the unexpected gains Apple’s likely to see.”

(Read Full Article HERE)

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July 6th – Bye Bye .Mac Bookmarks

.Mac Bookmark webaccess going away July 6th


The above message has been posted to the .Mac Tips website. As you can see .Mac members are being told to sync their .Mac bookmarks to a computer (Mac or PC) by July 6th because web access to bookmarks is no longer going to be supported in MobileMe (.Mac’s replacement). The July 6th date is actually a few days later than the one Apple first gave in this KB article (June 30th). It looks like Apple wants to give all .Mac members as much time as possible to get their bookmarks in order.

Does this mean we’ll see the official launch of MobileMe on the 6th? Probably not, since Apple has stated that MobileMe will be available on July 11, but then again Me.com email is already being properly routed so this might all be part of a soft launch (as they say in the biz).

(Via (TUAW))

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Cancel a New iPhone Contract and save $$$$

Don’t Buy an Unlocked iPhone From AT&T, Just Cancel a New Contract [Unlock Your Own Iphone]

Picture 1.png Since AT&T’s unlocked iPhone 3Gs will cost you $599 (8GB) or $699 (16GB), you are better off signing a contract and canceling it than buying an unlocked iPhone. In fact, it’s even cheaper to buy a 16GB iPhone using this method than to buy and unlock an 8GB version. But math isn’t our strong suit so go ahead and double-check our calculations. We won’t be offended:

$299 – 16GB iPhone w/contract
$36 – Activation
$175 – Early Termination Fee
$70 – One month of service

Total Price Using The Shady Method: $580


8GB iPhone Canceled: $480
16GB iPhone Canceled: $580
8GB iPhone Unlocked from AT&T: $599
16GB iPhone Unlocked from AT&T: $699

Are we missing something?

(Via Gizmodo)

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Apple Building the BlackBerry Killer?

Apple Building the BlackBerry Killer?

Could Apple be taking a few steps backward?
According to an Apple insider, Steve Jobs is currently testing a version of the iPhone with a slide out keyboard, apparently aimed at the corporate world (But when he says the ‘Corporate World’, we all know he means the ‘BlackBerry World’).

“What he is apparently doing is canvassing the idea with operators. And he has taken this beyond just chatting: actual prototypes – not just mockups – have been sent to senior executives at some operators. I’m not allowed to even hint which operators… but I can report that the keyboard has “issues” which are not yet resolved.”

Issues being that Apple is even trying out the keyboard! I think its a stupid idea and wouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon. I don’t think a keyboard will ever be as sexy as a touch screen.

Note from Mr. Mayor:
At the same time, having a physical QWERTY keyboard is the one of the main things BlackBerry users hanker for. Touchscreen aint their ‘cup of tea’. With a fully functional QWERTY keyboard in-tow, could this new device take a bigger chunk of the corporate, Berry-loving market to the Apple side of the fence? Without a doubt this is what Apple has in their sights.

[via The iPhone Blog & Via Mactropolis)

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Two new digital keyboards from M-Audio

Two new digital keyboards from M-Audio
M-Audio has released two new digital keyboards with built-in audio interfaces for songwriters and performers. The ProKeys Sono 61 and ProKeys Sono 88 are designed for keyboard artists who write, record and/or perform their music. They are compatible with MME and Mac OS X Core MIDI and require a minimum of a 1GHz G4-based Mac with 512MB RAM and a native USB port and are compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher. The two keyboards differ primarily in the number of keys available, the 61-key ProKeys Sono 61 retails for $450 and the 88-key ProKeys Sono 88 retails for $550.

The keyboards feature semi-weighted keybeds with advanced scanning technology, increasing the user’s control over dynamics. Both models feature sounds sampled from a Steinway grand piano. The ProKeys Sono 61 provides four other instant-access sounds, including bright piano, electric piano, organ and clavinet. The ProKeys Sono 88 adds strings and choir for a total of seven on-board instruments. Each features a 128 sound General MIDI set with drums and percussion. check them out HERE!

(Via MacNN)

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What to do with your old iPhone after upgrading to iPhone 3G

How to hand-down your old iPhone after upgrading to iPhone 3G
A049C38E-02AE-44FE-BDB0-C1E7352D76BC.jpgOriginal iPhone owners upgrading to an iPhone 3G can hand-down their old iPhone to a family member or friend with a few simple steps, the most complex of which entails a trek down to a local AT&T retail store to pick up a fresh SIM card.

Giving your old iPhone to a family member or friend
You can hand down your old iPhone to someone else while activating your new iPhone 3G at an Apple or AT&T store, or anytime thereafter.

Since your original iPhone’s phone number is going to be used on your new iPhone 3G, the person receiving the original iPhone will need a new SIM card, which you can get by stopping by an AT&T retail store.

You can add a new line or transfer an existing line to the original iPhone from home using iTunes. If you need help adding a new line, you can always walk into an AT&T store and see an associate.

Once you’ve obtained a new SIM card for the original iPhone, the original iPhone can be activated through iTunes like you originally activated it.

If the original iPhone is instead activated with its new SIM card in an AT&T store, you’ll want to later connect it to iTunes and select “existing customer” to complete the process, even if you’re new to AT&T.

Users who’ll be porting a non-AT&T phone number for use with an original iPhone can review the required number porting information covered in one of AT&T’s earlier video guides.

If AT&T tells you your out-of-area mobile number is ineligible for porting, try the steps taken by AppleInsider’s Publisher last June when he successfully ported his ‘ineligible’ mobile number to AT&T and iPhone.

Check out the video HERE

(Via AppleInsider)

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