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Best Buy and Radio Shack – Selling iPhones?

iPhone coming to Best Buy and Radio Shack later this year…


It has been a busy day here in iPhone land.  The latest bit of rumor news comes fron the Boy Genius report.  According to their "reliable source" the iPhone will be available later this year from Best Buy and Radio Shack.   The deals are already secured and the iPhones are en route. 

This isn’t as big a stretch as we originally thought because both Best Buy and Radio Shack already sell AT&T phones and activation plans in the store.  Best Buy even sells Apple Computers and iPods while Radio Shack is an authorized iPod dealer

They sell iPods, they sell AT&T plans.  Why not?  This makes perfect sense. 


10 million iPhones?  Probably by September!

(Via 9 to 5 Mac)


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Apple’s backdating scandal!!

Apple, execs sued for fraud from backdating scandal

A lawsuit was brought against several key Apple executives on Friday, accusing CEO Steve Jobs and several others of fraud, in relation to the stock option backdating scandal in recent years. According to a filing with the US District Court in San Jose, Jobs stands with former financial officer Fred Anderson, as well as Nancy Heinen, William Campbel, Millard Drexler, Arthur Levinson, and Jerome York, in addition to the company itself.
Plaintiffs Martin Vogel and Kenneth Mahoney bring the class-action suit against Apple and its executives, due to a stock tumble that occurred after it acknowledged an internal investigation regarding the backdated grants. After two weeks, stock dropped 14-percent – over $7 billion in share value – and the suit is aimed at recuperating those losses.

(Via MacNN)

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$599-$699 for New iPhone without contract

New iPhone to sell for $599-$699 without contract
U.S. consumers who want the new iPhone but cannot or do not want to sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T Inc will eventually be able to buy it for an extra $400.

Apple Inc has said the new iPhone will go on sale July 11 at $199 for the model with 8 gigabytes of storage and $299 for the 16-gigabyte version. These prices apply to customers signing up for a two-year AT&T contract.

Those who don’t want to be locked into such a contract, or do not have adequate credit, can buy the iPhone for $599 or $699 as long as they sign up for some kind of AT&T wireless subscription, AT&T said on Tuesday.

An AT&T spokesman could not yet say when that option would become available.

(Via Reuters)

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8AM launch for Iphone 3G – set your alarms!

AT&T announces 8AM launch, iReady checklists
In combination with its subscription options, AT&T has announced several other pieces of information relating to the iPhone 3G. Among these is a confirmation that the company will launch early on July 11th, opening doors to customers at 8AM local time. This contrasts with last year’s iPhone debut, which saw doors open at 6PM; it has been rumored that the new time was picked due to AT&T’s forced in-store activation process, which may take several minutes per phone and could cause delays given heavy volumes of launch traffic.
To ease the process AT&T has posted its iReady checklists, in PDF form and in the guise of YouTube videos which describe issues for new customers, current ones, or those handing 2.5G phones down to friends or family.

Notable pieces of information in the lists are that only one phone can be bought by a person in line, and that while a credit check is required, people can visit an AT&T store in advance of July 11th to pre-qualify. People transferring from an earlier phone number must also bring all their account info, including SSN or Tax ID info and any relevant PINs and passwords.

Business customers must contact an AT&T representative and sign up for the Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone, which costs $45 on top of a separate voice plan.

(Via MacNN)

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AT&T announces iPhone 3G pricing plans

AT&T announces iPhone 3G pricing plans

Finally, a piece of news we can actually do something with. AT&T today announced its pricing structure for the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone. There’s not much that’s surprising here — new customers and those eligible for an upgrade will be able to nab the phone for $199 (8GB) or $299 (16GB), while “early upgraders” will have to fork over $399 or $499, all with a two year contract and $18 upgrade fee, of course. The telco says a no-commitment version of the phone will be available for $599 and $699, though it looks like that will come after the initial launch. AT&T appears to be leaning pretty heavily towards the all-in unlimited plans, but there are options if you don’t want to go that route.

(Via Engadget)

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iPhone 3G- A Guided Tour

Apple – iPhone – A Guided Tour

Picture 1.png

Check it out HERE!

(Via apple )

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Will Picasa become Google Photos?

Will Picasa become Google Photos?
There are signs Picasa Web Albums could be renamed Google Photos.

Google’s Picasa Web Albums
Google Operating System noticed several references to the term in the code that powers the Web site.

Among the examples: “This photo will be available to view and share in Google Photos, Google’s free photo hosting service.” And: “By submitting this form, you’re alerting the Google Photos team to inappropriate content on this page.”

Poring through a source code may sound like a dodgy way to predict the future, but programming code snippets can be revealing. Some wording in the Apple iPhone developer kit indicated a change might come to the company’s .Mac online service, and sure enough, it became MobileMe earlier this month.

Picasa also is the name of software Google offers for free to perform basic photo editing and to upload photos to the Web site.

(Via CNET News.com)

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‘unprecedented’ – Apple iPhone 3G demand

Apple iPhone 3G demand to be ‘unprecedented’

Apple faces "unprecedented" demand for the iPhone 3G, reports RBC Technology analyst, Mike Abramsky.

Citing recent research conducted on behalf of RBC Technology, the analyst told Silicon Alley Insider that 56 per cent of those planning to purchase a smartphone in the next ninety days plan to buy an iPhone – that’s up form 35 per cent in March.

The research also revealed that consumer interest in the iPhone has grown faster than in advance of any other phone launch recorded by the company. And 10.5% of those surveyed intend to buy a smartphone — any smartphone — up from 7%-8% average over the last few years. 

Additional findings:

– 25 per cent of those surveyed may buy an iPhone 3G in the future – twice the level of interest seen before launch of the first product last year.

– Top reasons for buying the iPhone include lower price (67%), 3G Internet connection (63%), GPS (47%), Microsoft (MSFT) Exchange email support (35%), and third-party apps (20%).

(Via 9 to 5 Mac)

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Send free text messages from an iPhone! s w e e t !

How to send free text messages from an iPhone

With current AT&T iPhone contracts, you get 200 free text messages a month. With the new 3G iPhones, this will change. You will need to pay $5.00 a month extra for these 200 messages. Today, I’m going to show you how to send an unlimited number of messages in US and Canada, for free.
How to send free text messages.
1. Create a new email message.
2. In the To: box, type 10digitnumber@teleflip.com. (1235551234@teleflip.com)
3. Type a message and click send.
4. The message will be sent to the cell phone with the number in the To: box
5. All recieved text messages will be sent to you as an email.
Note: This only works for US and Canadian numbers.
Also, there is a Web app that you can send free text messages with. It’s called TxtDrop and you can access it by typing “http://txtdrop.com/iphone/” in your iPhone’s Safari app. They also have a OS X widget here. Enjoy!”

(Via macsimumnews )

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Inside the OS X 10.5.4 Update

Inside the OS X 10.5.4 Update
The most significant thing about what’s changed in OS X 10.5.4 may be what hasn’t changed with Monday’s release of the OS X update. The ARDAgent security hole–discovered just a few weeks ago–remains unplugged. This actually isn’t all that surprising–if the chatter around the Internet is to be believed, Apple has been working on the 10.5.4 update for quite a while, predating the discovery of the ARDAgent issue. System updates are complex things with many inter-related parts, and adding in a fix for the ARDAgent issue would have required more testing, and perhaps delayed the release of 10.5.4.

So what will happen with the ARDAGent hole? Only Apple knows, of course, but I think we’ll see a standalone security update released in the near future to address that issue (as well as any other security issues that haven’t been patched with the 10.5.4 release).

As for new things introduced in OS X 10.5.4, I dug around a bit in the bom files, as I did with May’s 10.5.3 release. This latest update is much smaller than 10.5.3, and I didn’t find anything nearly as interesting as I did last month, other than the non-fix for ARDAgent. There are a slew of extension updates, though it’s tough to figure out exactly what changes those may entail.

There were a number of updates to PDF-related utilities, including the Mail PDF, Save as PDF-X, and Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder workflows, as well as changes to many PDF-related Automator actions. Non-English language files in many programs were updated, and there was some sort of change to Mail’s preferences, though I couldn’t see any obvious change when compared with Mail on a 10.5.3 machine. iChat received updates to the balloons, boxes, and compact styles, as well as some (also not obvious) changes in its preferences.

The Apple-provided dictionary in Dictionary was also updated, adding (at a minimum) the definition of MobileMe, Apple’s soon-to-launch online service:

An Internet service from Apple Inc. for Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPod touch, and PCs. A MobileMe subscription provides push email, push contacts, and push calendar to keep your data automatically up-to-date on all your devices.

Given the size of the updated file, I expect there are more new definitions, but MobileMe was the only one I could think to check.

There are also changes on the Unix side of OS X. Some Perl and Ruby related bits were updated, as were snmp-related Unix programs, and various other Unix components, such as the pasteboard server.

I’ve been running 10.5.4 on two machines now for a few hours, and haven’t experienced any issues–though as with any update, I strongly recommend having a current backup before proceeding.

(Via Latest Technology News)

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