Apps Crashing iPhones?

Are Hot Apps Crashing iPhones?

One of the AppStore’s hottest downloads has more than 500 reviews and a 1.5 star average rating, which has to be bad news for someone.

We got a press release yesterday from uLocate Communications touting the succes of its GPS navigation app for the iPhone, WHERE, free software downloaded more than 125,000 times in its first weekend. A quick check on the WHERE product page in iTunes tells a different side of the story.

“Doesn’t work,” Worthless” and “Just keeps crashing” are the kinds of reviews that get a developer working on an update right away, though other users seem to be having no problems and love the application, with one fan reporting, “I feel that I’ve missed too much in life already because Where wasn’t available before.”

As we reported Monday, some developers are pointing the finger at Apple, claiming the 2.0 firmware is unstable and causing their apps to crash. Apple, of course, has little to say on the matter thus far and seems content to let the waves of elation and frustration that have accompanied the AppStore’s big splash settle out on their own.

The good news for users of software such as WHERE, is that at a cost of “free” deciding it’s not worth the hassle costs no more than a little wasted time, something Apple’s early adopters seem to have in abundance.

(Via Cult of Mac)

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One response to “Apps Crashing iPhones?

  1. eperry

    On behalf of WHERE…

    Due to the overwhelming volume of requests for the WHERE app, we experienced some technical issues and delays with our servers over the weekend. Our team has been working around the clock to address the situation and downloads are now running smoothly. We are thrilled to see the immense interest in WHERE and thank everyone for their patience and open feedback.

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