Replacable iPhone Battery?

Replacable iPhone Battery?

Check it out – folks with sharp eyes would have noticed the couple of screws located at the bottom end of the iPhone, opening up (pun intended) the possibility of an iPhone battery replacement when removed. This bodes well for iPhone users, since we all know that a battery’s performance does not remain at the same level always, leading to a downward slope in due time. Instead of having the folks at Apple replace your iPhone battery in the future, you could possibly perform a DIY operation and save yourself a few bucks simultaneously.

(Via Ubergizmo)

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  1. worldstore

    The 3Gjuice is the perfect companion to the iPhone 3g. I just received mine and already used it twice. It re-charges the iPhone 3g fast. I am now able to use the iPhone 3g with 3g browsing enabled. The battery is lightweight and well designed for carrying with you. The packaging is slick as well. A green company no manual provided but a very informative website. Well done! May buy another one as a gift for a friend who needs more juice!

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