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Ultimate GEEK Bottle Opener – Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener
The Pub. The final frontier. This is the voyage of the Enterprise bottle opener. Its continuing mission? To seek out new bottle tops and new types of beers. To boldly go were no bottle opener has gone before!

If you are a trekkie that likes a beer now and again then this is a perfect gift for you. Styled on the original Enterprise (no not the NX-01, the NCC-1701), not even Kirk or Picard had a bottle opener this cool, although, Lieutenant Worfs was pretty impressive but that’s not really what a bat’leth should be used for!

Want a beer? Make it so!

Price: £12.00 or about $24

(Gotta get it here —> red5.)


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Keyboard Skins! Very Helpful!

Keyboard Skins for Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, and more at The Photojojo Store
Coolcustom-fitted color-coded keyboard skins! A GEEK must have!

Models available for notebook computers and desktop keyboards.
Molded exactly to fit your keyboard like a glove.
Quick to remove and reapply as often as you wish.
Keeps your keyboard clean and clear of debris.
Made from beautiful, flexible, washable rubber, color-coded by function.
The fastest way to learn all those keyboard shortcuts you keep meaning to memorize.

$30 for Laptops
$40 for desktops

(Get them HERE —> photojojo

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Sorry Flickery, no mas!

Flickery, Mac based Flickr client: denied!

A8BC811A-0CBF-4240-84BE-213CA4EA8755.jpgThe Mac world was abuzz at the release of Flickery for the Mac, a client to allow Mac users to easily upload and edit photos to popular photo site Flickr. Flickery quickly found out why it isn’t wise to launch and application that is completely dependent on another application’s API when Flickr shut them down shortly after the launch.

Flickery’s main problem was one of laziness. The company built a Flickr type photo client that offered a replacement for Flickr’s own desktop application and web site, using the Flickr servers and storage. Frankly, the company should have known that Flickr would shut down what was essentially a parasite draining their system resources.

Is Flickery a cool application? Yes it is. It offers a sleek, minimalist way to see and manipulate your photos using the Flickr engine and servers. Is it a necessary application? No, it isn’t. Flickr already offers its own desktop client with a minimalist user interface, and ways to see just the photos on its site.

Flickery is falling victim to the same problem plaguing other third party application programs that build onto the backbone of sites like Twitter and Flickr – dependency on the scalability of a system that is not under their control. The company would have been better armed for success if they built their own server backbone and created a stand alone application that both competed with and integrated Flickr, offering the best of both worlds.

(Via MAC.BLORGE.com.)

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OSX Tutorials – Dashboard Widget – very handy!

Dashboard Widgets – OSX Tutorials
Get all OSX Tutorials, Tip’s and Trick’s from this Dashboard Widget!

(Get it Here—> apple.)

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Apple #2

Apple No. 2 behind Amazon on BW InfoTech 100
iphone-shortage.jpgBusinessWeek on Thursday unveiled its InfoTech 100 ranked list of the world’s top performing companies, with Amazon again claiming first place ahead of Apple and BlackBerry maker RIM. Amazon’s reign continues from last year, as it vaulted from 23rd place to first, putting it ahead of wireless giant Nokia, Google, and Microsoft. Apple climbed four spaces from sixth place, based on its financial performance and revenue growth.

Nintendo and Western Digital round out the top five, while America Movil, China Mobile, Nokia, Asustek and High Tech Computer complete the top 10.

Most notably, the ranking has further diminished in terms of quantity of US companies, accounting for only a third of all companies on the list, down from 43 in 2007, and 75 when the annual event started in 1998.

(Via electronista .)

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Spoon/Fork – every GEEK needs one

Ramen Noodle Spoon/Fork

11D39283-72DE-46D1-9FDA-4B5A95329BF5.jpg The Ramen Noodle Spoon/Fork ($12) was originally created for the Sugakiya Ramen noodle restaurant chain in Japan to eliminate the waste created by disposal chopsticks. This unique stainless steel utensil is not unlike the Spork and uses a built-in fork for easily twisting the noodles and a ladle for the collecting the soup. Great for nearly everyone in college and all those still addicted.

Did you know that there is actually a really cool museum in Japan dedicated to all things Ramen? Click here to learn all about the legendary Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and start planning your trip now!

MoMAStore.org ($12)

(Via The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!.)

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