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Keeping Stickies above all windows

Making Stickies stay above all windows


Since before OS X we've been using Stickies to hold small pieces of important information that we need at hand.

There is a really powerful small feature of the Stickies.app in OS X that let's any sticky note float over all other windows making it visible at all times. To make a sticky float above all windows select it and press: Apple-Alt-F (Command-Option-F)

This is really useful when you have to consider and copy info from several sources for the job you're working on. Remember you can have all kinds of info on your Stickies, not just text.

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3G iPhone Release – more speculation

3G iPhone Release To Come 10 Days After WWDC Keynote


New rumors are now floating around concerning the actual launch of the 3G iPhone. We all know that it is highly rumored, and highly probable that the 3G iPhone will be announced at the WWDC in San Fransisco on June 9th. For most, it was assumed that the phone would be available on the same day.

However, new rumors are surfacing that there could be a 10-day wait until the new iPhone is released to the public. This would make some sense… especially when you consider that AT&T wireless requested that employees avoid vacations after June 15th. With this rumored 10-day wait, that would give AT&T employees a few days to train and get up to speed on the new device. AT&T wireless is also planning on beginning extra summer hiring on June 16th.

iPhoneFreak has posted a timeline that makes a lot of sense:

  • June 9th – WWDC Keynote by Steve Jobs – Announces 3G iPhone and other Apple news
  • June 15th – Employees at AT&T advised not to miss work for a while (begin iPhone training)
  • June 16th – Temporary employees begin training for less complex crowd control (give the regular sales team a day’s head start
  • June 18th – Stores open their doors for a flood of multi-touching maniacs

Make of this what you will… bottom line is we will have the 3G iPhone in our mac-happy hands by mid to late June by these recent reports.

(Via Mactropolis.)

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The $10 disposable cellphone

The $10 disposable cellphone – the HOP1800

A company called Hop-On has just launched a disposable cellphone, the HOP1800.


This disposable cellphone will sell for $10, all you need to do is add a sim card, and you can add one from over 40 domestic carriers within the US

The Hop1800 is a basic phone, with no display, no mp3 or video playback, so basically it is a basic phone and thats it.

There are two versions available covering 850/1900 and 900/1800 bands and battery life is 4 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby.

The Hop1800 will go on sale in US retail and convenience stores, and if you want to return it after you have used it you will get a $5 ‘Go Green’ rebate.

(Via Geeky-Gadgets.)

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