diggogle? Google acquiring Digg?

1A37C9CE-CFB4-458E-88C3-9C95DDF5FC62.jpgAccording to techcrunch Google is on the hunt for Digg once again and are close to a deal. If it goes through Digg will be under the Google News property (whatever that means).

Are you sitting down? Are you ready for the money part? $200 Million – says one source (Kevin’s Mom perhaps?)

The Digg CEO, Jay Adelson, denies that the negotiations are going on and may be holding out for more C A S H ! (I added that part).

I just hope those two drunk guys on the couch continue to show the world you CAN drink on the job and still rake in the Benjamins!


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2 responses to “diggogle? Google acquiring Digg?

  1. chirax

    This is going to be bad, I mean google is no evil but I wouldn’t want to see goolgalization of everthing in the world. Can meteors be summoned at will ?

  2. I agree, I like google too but it does seem like everything and everyone is getting googlized!
    At least they are not Microsoft…… ;0

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