.Mac is MOBILE ME!

.Mac Changes Revealed: MOBILE ME!


Phil Schiller came onstage today to tell us about Mobile Me. Exchange for the rest of us. We can all now get push email, calendars, and contacts. On a Mac, a PC, or an iPhone or iPod Touch. And it is called Mobile Me.

Mobile Me will work for Mobile Me. It works with Outlook and other native applications. But best of all, it is best used in a Web 2.0 application suite at me.com. According to Phil, it “feels like a desktop application.” it even includes drag and drop, live search (just like Spotlight,) iDisk functionality, and a basic photo editor integrated with web galleries. There will be direct access to Mail, and all other features currently in .Mac.

While the name and logo is horrendous, the service is amazing. But one question. How much does it cost? And when will it be available? It costs $99/year, just like .Mac. A free trial, just like .Mac. It completely replaces .Mac. And it looks really great.

(Via Appletell)


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